Innovative Ways To Use Magnetic and Writable Surfaces

We talk a lot about the ways you can use magnetic or writable surfaces in your office or meeting room. There are the traditional ways; presentations, meetings and more, but did you know there are also a number of innovative and inventive ways you can incorporate magnetic and writable into your space.   Keep reading below […]

MAGNETIC PLASTER magnetic whiteboard wall

Transform Your Surface With Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? It’s a two-coat plaster that allows you to create a high performing magnetic surface in your office or classroom. Want to learn how you can transform your surface, and what some of the benefits of this product may be? Then keep reading below. Top Three Benefits Of Magnetic Plaster […]


Use A Partition Box To Break Up Your Workspace

We recently completed an installation at IT company Flexera in Flax House, Belfast, with Calibro Workspace who designed this project. Anyone who has worked in open plan office environments will be familiar with partitions. These break up large open spaces and are typically used to denote different zones such as different departments or teams, or […]


Update Your Classroom With Magnetic Writable Walls

How do schools or colleges benefit from having magnetic writable walls installed? Can they really make a difference to how people work and learn? The answer is yes. Magnetic Writable Walls can benefit any teacher or student. Want to know more? Or maybe you need some inspiration for how you will use your own magnetic writable […]

magnetic plaster whiteboard paint office commercial use magnetic walls

Update Your Classroom With Magnetic Walls

So, as the summer fast approaches, have you thought about refurbishing your classrooms? There are plenty of things to consider. Do you bring in new desks? Or why not try adding magnetic walls? Magnetic walls are a great way to get students actively involved in lessons, up off their feet and awake. You don’t need […]


Make Office Walls Interactive With Magnetic Wallpaper

Are you looking for an interesting way to update your office that can actually change the way you and your team work? Try magnetic office walls. You can create them easily with Magnetic Wallpaper and it’s a great way to make your office more interactive. Promote teamwork and collaboration too, making it easier for everyone […]

magnets magnetic wallcovering wallpaper magnetic magnetic boards

Replace Magnetic Boards With Magnetic Walls

It’s time to update your surface. Make it magnetic. Are you looking to update your workplace walls with magnetic functionality but don’t want to settle for traditional magnetic boards? There are plenty of magnetic options to choose from. In this post we’ll show you three high quality alternatives to magnetic boards that you can choose […]

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Check Out Some Interesting Customers

Like most businesses, we share the names of some customers to help others buy from us. This thinking comes from the school of advertising which suggests that “if X customer buys from you, then I should be able to trust you too”. So for that reason, when you look at our websites and marketing material, […]


Optimize Your Workspaces With Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Paint

  Tired of the lack of space in your office? Then why not take advantage of the walls in your workspace?  We have a solution. Transform these walls into writable and magnetic surfaces with magnetic whiteboard wall paint. With a magnetic whiteboard wall paint, like our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, you can transform entire walls […]

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It’s Time To Rethink Your Workspace

Here is a simple way, which uses inexpensive products that will change your office. Workspaces today are designed around activity zones. So here are some ways you can use our simple but effective paint products to structure your office around how people like to work today. Its all about creating zones. Create a Workspace Presentation […]

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