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We Have A Magnetic Product For Everyone

Trying to decide which magnetic product to choose for your office or classroom? With so many options available it can be difficult to figure out which one fills your needs. Well, we want to make the process as easy for you as possible. That’s why we’ve created this post. Below you’ll see a list of […]

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How To Create A Magnetic Surface

  So, you’re thinking of transforming your surfaces into magnetically receptive spaces? From better organization, project planning and brainstorming, the benefits of magnetic surfaces are truly undeniable. But with so many different product and application options, how do you know which is the right one for you? To help you with your decision we’re discussing […]

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Which Is The Strongest Magnetic Paint?

  So you’re adding magnetic functionality to your surfaces. That’s great. Magnetic surfaces are a great way to project plan, create noticeboards and carry out lessons. You can reinvent the way you work and learn. But, how do you create your magnetic surface? There are so many products to choose from. With so many magnetic […]


Innovative Ways To Use Magnetic and Writable Surfaces

We talk a lot about the ways you can use magnetic or writable surfaces in your office or meeting room. There are the traditional ways; presentations, meetings and more, but did you know there are also a number of innovative and inventive ways you can incorporate magnetic and writable into your space.   Keep reading below […]

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Magnetic Whiteboard Wall: Which Products to Choose

Thinking of adding magnetic or whiteboard functionality to your walls? Why settle for just one when you could combine the two and create your very own magnetic whiteboard surface? In today’s blog we will discuss the different types of magnetic whiteboard walls you can create with Smarter Surfaces products. Why Choose A Magnetic Whiteboard Wall? […]

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What Magnetic Product Should You Update Your Walls With?

Thinking about adding magnetic functionality to your office or classroom? Then it’s time to choose what magnetic product is the best one for you. There are plenty of options out there to choose from. It really depends on what you are looking for in your product.  Check out some of the options available to you […]

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Transform Your Surface With Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? It’s a two-coat plaster that allows you to create a high performing magnetic surface in your office or classroom. Want to learn how you can transform your surface, and what some of the benefits of this product may be? Then keep reading below. Top Three Benefits Of Magnetic Plaster […]


3 Reasons To Love Smart Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? This product is a high performance and commercial grade plaster that can transform any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface. If you’re looking to add magnetic functionality to your surface, or swap out magnetic panels, then take a look below to see three reasons to love Magnetic Plaster. Magnetic […]

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Update Your Classroom With Magnetic Walls

So, as the summer fast approaches, have you thought about refurbishing your classrooms? There are plenty of things to consider. Do you bring in new desks? Or why not try adding magnetic walls? Magnetic walls are a great way to get students actively involved in lessons, up off their feet and awake. You don’t need […]


Choose Modern Alternatives To Magnetic Boards For Your Classroom

Nowadays having magnetic boards can seem outdated in comparison to the range of magnetic surface products that are available on the market. For teachers it is important to maximise your classroom and make your lessons are effective as possible.  This is why so many schools are choosing to swap their magnetic boards for magnetic surface […]

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