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Ditch Your Whiteboard For Whiteboard Paint

You love your modern office but not the whiteboard on your wall? Why use a small, stained whiteboard in your office or for your meetings? Are you running out of patience with flipcharts, never being able to explore one idea further than a page? Forget about them. 2018 is the year for updating your surfaces. […]

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Update your Classroom for 2019

Are you looking to update your classroom in 2019? Why not try functional surfaces? Not only do they look great, but they can also help with the way your students learn. Find out some of the reasons functional surfaces can be beneficial to you below. Interactive Lessons Looking to increase classroom engagement?   We say […]

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Favourite Uses in Education Part 2

We previously posted part 1 of our favourite uses of Smarter Surfaces products in education. Part 1 focused on how whiteboard surfaces can be used in education. Now we’re going to talk about how magnetic and projection surfaces can be used in education. Below we continue to explain how teachers can better engage with the […]

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Revolutionise teaching with Smarter Surfaces

Traditionally, with blackboards, whiteboards or flip-charts, the focus of teaching was just one way: from the student, narrowly, towards the teacher at the top of the classroom or lecture theatre. Now, thanks to Smarter Surfaces, that focus can change to one which surrounds teaching of the student on all sides, allowing him or her to […]

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Light Reflective Value: Smart Projector Paint

Whether you are playing games, watching movies at home or facilitating regular meetings you will be looking for a surface to project upon. This choice leaves you with a number of areas to consider, such as what product to choose, the cost and many many more. This article deals with just one of the areas […]

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Installing Smarter Surfaces Products

You are considering updating your working, teaching, brainstorming, meeting space into the 21st century. Great! Step 1 : Choose your functionality. Choose from magnetic, dry-erase, or projector functionalities. Or choose a combo. –          You can layer on products on top of each other e.g. whiteboard paint on top of magnetic plaster. –          Our latest products feature 2 in 1 […]

What does Green really mean?

What does ‘Green’ really mean?

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, we thought it appropriate to give today’s blog post a green theme. Many Smarter Surfaces products are accompanied by various eco-friendly certifications, but what do they actually mean and how do these certifications affect people who use our products? Keep reading to find out.    Our  eco friendly certificates […]

Uses for Smart Wall Paint Clear in Education

Smart Wall Paint Clear for Education

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the many ways that Smart Wall Paint Clear can be used to improve your classroom or lecture hall. This is probably one of the more obvious uses for Clear Smart Wall Paint within the education sector. Rather than confining yourself and your students to a small whiteboard, why not transform your […]

Tools for Time Management

Tools for Time Management

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get through your workload? Today we’ve shared four of our favourite time-management tools that can help you to limit distractions and map out your day and workload in a more effective way. Planner: Time management is all about planning and controlling […]

Tools for Working On the Go

Tools for Working On The Go

Nowadays, many jobs involve frequent travel and working on the go. Today we’ve shared our four favourite tools for making life a little bit easier when working away from the office. Google drive: First up, we have one of the most useful online tools available right now. Google Drive allows you to collaborate with colleagues […]

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