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Choose Magnetic Paint Over Magnetic Panels

Once you start using magnetic boards or panels, it’s hard to imagine office life without them. But did you know about magnetic paint? This is just one of the “functional paints” (we term all of our paints and wallcoverings “functional” as they each add a function to the wall. Choose from whiteboard, projector or magnetic […]

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Refurbish Your Office: Ideas From Smarter Surfaces

So you want to update your office but are looking for some inspiration? Aside from some obvious ideas like buying pot plants or new crockery, here are some ideas you might not have considered before, if you are new to functional paints or wallcoverings : Whiteboard Walls If any of your people are lucky enough […]

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Our Most Popular Application Questions

Never heard of functional paints or wallpapers before ? Don’t worry. They are really similar to regular paints and wallpapers, just much better of course ! So we asked our super helpful and friendly customer support team, what are the most common questions you are asked about some of our products.  Here goes. Top Questions […]


How Event Organisers Use Smarter Surfaces

  Event Feedback Wall Create a large event feedback wall where visitors can write their comments on the show throughout the day. As an event organiser, you know that any area of interactivity draws a crowd. You can also use these comments throughout the day to feed your social content of what is going on […]

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What Makes Smart Wall Paint Stand Out Over Cheaper Brands

Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, is a one coat system which transforms any smooth surface into a large, dry erase area. We often get asked why customers should choose Smart Wall Paint over other, cheaper brands. This post will provide you with just a few of the reasons of why Smart Wall Paint is […]

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Case Study: A Millennium Office Interior

At Smarter Surfaces we believe that the design of your office can really impact the way you work. But why just take our word for it? Look at our customers and see for yourself. This is Millennium, an IT company in Bratislava who deliver and administer portal and CRM solutions. Prepare to be blown away. […]

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How To Use A Projection Surface

Projector paint is an incredibly flexible product. It can be used to create a projector surface in any shape and size so its possibilities are only restricted by your imagination! But you’re asking yourself the question, what can I do with Projector Paint? See if any of these uses for Projector Paint spark your imagination: […]

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Customer Case Study: Chester Student Lets

Smarter Surfaces customer Chester Student Lets are using Smart Wall Paint White within their offices and we caught up with them to ask their thoughts and opinions on the product. They are an business who specialise in assisting new and returning students to find the ideal accommodation for them. They aim to make it easier […]

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Top tips: Project Planning

In any business you can find yourself working on a number of projects which at times can be overwhelming. One solution for this is to plan out your projects beforehand. Project planning when done correctly can help reduce workplace stress and help make sure you complete your projects on time. In this post we will […]

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Projector Paint V 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector & Dry Erase

So you’ve decided you want a projection wall, now it is time to decide which product you will use. This isn’t always an easy task. In this post we will be comparing Smart Projector Paint and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector & Dry Erase in terms of size, application/removal, cost, functionality and appearance. This will help you decide […]

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