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Magnetic Chalkboard Paint: What You Need To Know

Think chalkboards are boring and belong in the past? Why not upgrade with some magnetic chalkboard paint?  Magnetic chalkboard surfaces no longer just belong in classrooms; they can now be frequently viewed in modern offices, restaurants, and many other businesses. This solution is so versatile it can be used in any location and suit any […]

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Christmas Presents For Gamers

Is Christmas present buying a struggle? Are you out of ideas? We are here to help. This is the second post in our Christmas present ideas series. This time we focus on gamers. So, if you want to know what presents to buy for the gamer in your life, then keep reading below. Smart Projector […]

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Creating The Longest Writable Wall Possible

The Innovation Factory (IF) is a purpose-built hub featuring workspace that’s filled with energy and imagination. With vibrant features designed in collaboration with fashion designer and entrepreneur Wayne Hemingway MBE, Innovation Factory is the five-star home to Belfast’s hotbed of entrepreneurial talent.” All the businesses in the hub are seen as growing, innovative companies with potential for […]

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Refurbish Your Office: Ideas From Smarter Surfaces

So you want to update your office but are looking for some inspiration? Aside from some obvious ideas like buying pot plants or new crockery, here are some ideas you might not have considered before, if you are new to functional paints or wallcoverings : Whiteboard Walls If any of your people are lucky enough […]

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Our Most Popular Application Questions

Never heard of functional paints or wallpapers before ? Don’t worry. They are really similar to regular paints and wallpapers, just much better of course ! So we asked our super helpful and friendly customer support team, what are the most common questions you are asked about some of our products.  Here goes. Top Questions […]

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Whiteboard Wallpaper: Does It Work?

Previously in our ‘Does it Work?’ series we have looked at Smarter Surfaces’ functional paints and plaster. This time we are discussing our whiteboard wallpaper. What is Whiteboard Wallpaper?  Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering is a functional wallpaper that transforms your surface into a whiteboard area. All in one easy application. This is a high performance, […]

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Projector Paint V Normal Paints

At Smarter Surfaces we sometimes get asked the question, ‘why should I choose projector paint, can’t I just project onto regular paint?’ So today’s post will cover what exactly makes Smart Projector Paint different to regular paint. Light Reflective Value This is the most important difference between the top products. LRV, which stands for Light […]


How To Put Up Whiteboard Paint

It’s easier than you think to create a dry erase surface. Do it with Smart Wall Paint. Follow these instructions. Measure Your Area Measure your surface accurately making sure you’ve purchased enough paintEach tin of Smart Wall Paint is formulated to cover the recommended area – don’t stretch it Prepare Cover the area around your […]

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Debunking Magnetic Product Myths

There are a lot of myths out there concerning magnetic products. In this post, we will debunk the most common myths by discussing Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Magnetic Plaster. Check them out below. Myth 1: Magnetic products can be ugly, and a dark colour While many dislike the dark colour of magnetic paint, this […]

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Smarter Surfaces Guide: How To Paint

At some stage in our lives, most of us will have picked up a paint brush. So we thought we would share our tips on painting – whether you are applying one of our functional paints (magnetic, projector or whiteboard paint) or painting using regular paints with no functionality. Let us start. There are 4 […]

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