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Autism Group Wins Smart Wall Paint And Installation

Congratulations to Helping Hands Autism Group who won 18m2 of our award-winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint, in a competition on social media. Organised by Darren Toner of Smarter Surfaces Northern Ireland, Darren said “as Helping Hands Autism Group were moving into new premises, this prize was useful and timely. It’s great to see the […]


How Event Organisers Use Smarter Surfaces

  Event Feedback Wall Create a large event feedback wall where visitors can write their comments on the show throughout the day. As an event organiser, you know that any area of interactivity draws a crowd. You can also use these comments throughout the day to feed your social content of what is going on […]

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Favourite Uses in Education Part 2

We previously posted part 1 of our favourite uses of Smarter Surfaces products in education. Part 1 focused on how whiteboard surfaces can be used in education. Now we’re going to talk about how magnetic and projection surfaces can be used in education. Below we continue to explain how teachers can better engage with the […]

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Revolutionise teaching with Smarter Surfaces

Traditionally, with blackboards, whiteboards or flip-charts, the focus of teaching was just one way: from the student, narrowly, towards the teacher at the top of the classroom or lecture theatre. Now, thanks to Smarter Surfaces, that focus can change to one which surrounds teaching of the student on all sides, allowing him or her to […]

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Customer Case Study: Innov8 Your Office

Innov8 office interiors specialise in creating and implementing innovative commercial office spaces. We love the recent installation of a dry erase and magnetic surface for a leading brand. It has really made a difference to their workplace. They have over 35 years of experience in the office products and services sector which helps them deliver complete interior […]

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Branding 101: Smart Wall Paint to Smarter Surfaces

  Ronan Clarke, founder of Smarter Surfaces, came up with an idea for whiteboard paint during his old business. At that time, he had a construction company and a customer asked him to fit out an entire meeting room in whiteboards. Knowing that would be ugly as well as expensive, the idea for whiteboard paint, […]

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Do Whiteboards Need To Be White?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is, ‘can you only get a whiteboards or whiteboard surfaces in white?’ The answer is no! Not when you choose Smart Wall Paint in Clear. Smart Wall Paint in Clear can be used over any coloured surface (except white) which means you can have a whiteboard […]

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Hospitality Customer Case Study: Melia Hotels

In our contemporary globalised world, it’s important to understand what we have in common with people from different backgrounds. A great place to see this in practice is in hotels geared to the international traveller. This includes Melia group’s Innside brand of hotels focused on the business traveller. Few places, and few clients, reflect Smarter […]

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Case Study: The Foundry

Belfast today is a good news story, its troubles receding into the rear view mirror. In The Foundry in East Belfast, a project which reflects this perfectly, Smarter Surfaces has played a crucial role in literally bringing people together, helping them economically and doing all of this in an aesthetically enhancing way. Thus The Foundry […]

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Bring Your Walls To Life: Part 2

In a recent post we discussed ways in which you can incorporate functional surfaces into your workplace and bring your walls to life. But we only scratched the surface of the topic. With functional products you can take your walls and rooms to the next level and inspire some fresh enthusiasm into the workplace. Escape […]

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