Is It Time To Update Your Workspace?

Have you ever thought about adding writable walls to your workspace? They can be a great space for brainstorming, project planning and so much more. No matter how you work writable walls can transform your workspace. Don’t just take our word for it though. See how Coca-Cola updated their surfaces below. Coca-Cola  Coca-Cola bottling operations […]

advertising ardmore customer writable magnetic

Ardmore Advertising: Writable Magnetic Walls

We would expect a pretty funky office wall from an ad agency right ?  But hats off to Ardmore Advertising agency. This is a complete and masterful rethink of how to use your walls. Ardmore Advertising Agency have nailed this. Check out the results. Think you know whiteboard walls ? Who wouldn’t prefer a wall […]

Your Own Place CSR customer whiteboard paint white board paint clear orange Writable walls

Sparking Young Imaginations With Writable Walls

Your Own Place, founded in 2013, is a social enterprise which aims to prevent and combat youth homelessness. Working with individuals, all of whom have their own aspirations, personalities and barriers, means that the members of Your Own Place look for unique and creative solutions for working. These solutions have to be versatile enough to […]

greentown environmental

Greentown Environmental Choose Smarter Surfaces

Are you looking to add functional surfaces to your office? No matter what sector you are in, adding magnetic, whiteboard or projection walls into your workplace can be really beneficial. This is Greentown Environmental Ltd. Read all about how they decided that functional surfaces, and Smart Wall Paint, were right for them. Objective When Greentown Environmental […]

Smart Wall Paint installation

Autism Group Wins Smart Wall Paint And Installation

Congratulations to Helping Hands Autism Group who won 18m2 of our award-winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint, in a competition on social media. Organised by Darren Toner of Smarter Surfaces Northern Ireland, Darren said “as Helping Hands Autism Group were moving into new premises, this prize was useful and timely. It’s great to see the […]

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Use Projector Wallpaper Not Screens

Founded in 1952, Lagan Group is one of the largest privately owned companies in Ireland, employing over 1,000 people with a turnover in excess of £350 million. “Our quality products and the expertise of our people are behind countless developments around the world – from new housing developments in Northern Ireland and Britain, to highways […]

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Smart Magnetic Paint: Does It Work?

In Part 3 of our series “Does it Work ?”, we are focusing on Smart Magnetic Paint. (Check out Smart Magnetic Plaster : Does it Work? and Smart Projector Paint : Does it Work?). First of all, what is magnetic paint? It’s a paint that acts as a magnetic receptor. It is not magnetic in […]

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CSR Case Study: The Brain Tumour Charity

Visiting the future is one of the three things people are supposed never to be able to do. But the late David Doran, brother of Smarter Surfaces’ CEO Denise Doran, has already proven that old adage wrong in a moving way. David passed away in January of this year (2017) after a 16-year battle with […]

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Hospitality Customer Case Study: Melia Hotels

In our contemporary globalised world, it’s important to understand what we have in common with people from different backgrounds. A great place to see this in practice is in hotels geared to the international traveller. This includes Melia group’s Innside brand of hotels focused on the business traveller. Few places, and few clients, reflect Smarter […]

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Chalkboard Surfaces: How To Keep Them Dust Free

Following on from our recent post on “How to Convert a Chalkboard to a Whiteboard“, our product gurus came up with a pretty cool idea that we really wanted to share. So you love your chalkboard and it’s black finish but you really really don’t like the dust ? Here is a way to keep […]

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