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Magnetic Chalkboard Paint: What You Need To Know

Think chalkboards are boring and belong in the past? Why not upgrade with some magnetic chalkboard paint?  Magnetic chalkboard surfaces no longer just belong in classrooms; they can now be frequently viewed in modern offices, restaurants, and many other businesses. This solution is so versatile it can be used in any location and suit any […]


Transform Any Wall into A Functional Surface

Check out a recent Smarter Surfaces project at the Momentum group.  An award-winning company that specialises in Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits for forward-thinking businesses, Momentum’s business growth meant that they needed a a new space for new hires.  The top floor of their office building was converted from an attic into a new workspace. […]

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Ready To Update Your Chalkboard into A Writable Wall?

Whether you work in an office or classroom, chalkboards can really look out of place in a modern space. It’s time to ditch these dusty whiteboard alternatives and bring a fresh writable surface into your workplace. While you’re at it, why not just make your entire wall writable? Think that sounds too good to be […]

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New Product Launch : Smart Magnetic Wallpaper

Smarter Surfaces is excited to launch the latest in its range of functional wallcoverings, Smart Magnetic Wallcovering. This wallpaper is magnetic ! (Hence the name!). It is a commercial grade product suitable for professional installation only. It has come about through a rigorous research and development programme where more and more magnetic content was added […]

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Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster

 Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster Every Time So your wall is uneven or of poor quality ? A coat of plaster will smooth and strengthen it out for you. Consider using magnetic plaster instead of regular plaster. Magnetic plaster is a super strong magnetic compound that will also smoothen the wall and you or your client […]

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Christmas Presents For Gamers

Is Christmas present buying a struggle? Are you out of ideas? We are here to help. This is the second post in our Christmas present ideas series. This time we focus on gamers. So, if you want to know what presents to buy for the gamer in your life, then keep reading below. Smart Projector […]

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How Safe Are Smarter Surfaces’ Products?

Interested in applying functional products to your surfaces? As a teacher, you may be concerned with how safe these products are for your colleagues or students. Well worry no longer. We’re letting you know exactly how safe Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint is. How Safe is the Smart Wall Paint Application Process? That’s the […]

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Turn Your Desk Into A Whiteboard Surface

Tired of cluttered desks? Always losing important documents in the large mass of paper that gathers on it? It doesn’t have to be that way. Why not turn your desk into a whiteboard instead? It’s easier and much more beneficial than you think. Keep reading and find out for yourself. Writable Desk Benefits Save on […]

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Use Projector Wallpaper Not Screens

Founded in 1952, Lagan Group is one of the largest privately owned companies in Ireland, employing over 1,000 people with a turnover in excess of £350 million. “Our quality products and the expertise of our people are behind countless developments around the world – from new housing developments in Northern Ireland and Britain, to highways […]

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Magnetic Writeable Walls in Staff Rooms

Meet St. Mary’s Primary School St. Mary’s Primary School is a 14 class base primary school with a single nursery unit and two Moderate Learning Difficulty classrooms. Following a £6.8million new build project, the school moved into its new premises on September 1st 2017. How To Make Curved Walls into Magnetic Writeable Walls ? However they […]

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