Smart Wall Paint Clear for Education

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the many ways that Smart Wall Paint Clear can be used to improve your classroom or lecture hall.

This is probably one of the more obvious uses for Clear Smart Wall Paint within the education sector. Rather than confining yourself and your students to a small whiteboard, why not transform your entire wall into a boundless space for interactivity and engagement where multiple students – of any height and age – can get involved at once – without worrying about running out of space.


Create large-scale, writable spaces within your classroom, staff room or lecture hall where you can display calendars, upcoming school or university events and other important notices, without ruining your wall with thumbtacks or blu-tack and without the installation costs associated with noticeboards.


Tables and Desks: Half Table-Half Whiteboard

Students can easily carry out rough work and calculations during exams or day-to-day learning exercises, without wasting reams of paper. A writable desk is also a great place to jot down assignment deadlines, exam dates, homework and other important events. Keeping reminders like these in plain sight means they’re less likely to be forgotten.
It’s not only students who can benefit from a writable desk. Educators use their writable surfaces to map out learning plans, to-do lists and more.
This teacher in America recently used the writable functionality of her students desks to leave messages for those who were sitting exams.

Uses for Smart Wall Paint Clear in Education | Smarter Surfaces

Storage and Filing Systems

Improve organisation whilst saving time and paper by recording students names on their locker doors, coat racks and cubby-holes with a whiteboard marker. Writable filing systems and storage are especially useful for teachers and educators, as they allow segmentation of work for different year groups or subjects that can be constantly changed and updated.

Uses for Smart Wall Paint Clear in Education | Smarter Surfaces

Graphic Prints and Maps

By applying a dry-erase coating to maps, diagrams or other graphic prints, students can engage in interactive learning by adding their own notes and observations. We especially love this print of the human anatomy, which allows students to label specific names on muscles, bones and organs – making learning fun! We have also seen individuals within the education coating blank maps in dry-erase paint and then allowing students to label the countries, states or counties. Practices like this can make tasks that are usually mundane a little bit more enjoyable for all involved.

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So there you have it, just some of the many ways that Smart Wall Paint Clear can transform your learning space for the better!

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