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At Smarter Surfaces we sometimes get asked the question, ‘why should I choose projector paint, can’t I just project onto regular paint?’

So today’s post will cover what exactly makes Smart Projector Paint different to regular paint.

Light Reflective Value

This is the most important difference between the top products.

LRV, which stands for Light Reflective Value, refers to how much light is reflected by a paint.

So why should you choose Smart Projector Paint?

Traditionally, ordinary paints have an average level of LRV unlike specially designed projection products.

But what about Smart Projector Paint?

Smart Projector Paint has been designed to give a specific LRV (which gives a gain value of 1.0) which is suitable for quality projection.

This means it will reflect a certain amount of light to optimise and maximise the clarity of the reflected image. Smart Projector Paint has a LRV of between 90-95%.

The higher the LRV is, the more light that will be reflected. The more light that is reflected, the better the quality of the projection.

Interested in learning more on LRV? We have a whole post on it here.

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Texture And Hotspotting

Now onto texture and hot-spotting.  

When projecting onto a surface,  you want to make sure you have the smoothest surface possible.

Ordinary paint traditionally is a textured coating.

This means they tend to be jagged surfaces which are not visible to the human eye.

Smart Projector Paint has been specially developed with self-levelling compounds and high quality resins to give a smooth flat finish.

But what about Hot-spotting?

Hot-spotting is when it  difficult to see the whole image projected, depending on where you are viewing it from.

Smart Projector Paint is designed to prevent hot-spotting which means that no matter where you sit, you’ll be able to view the projection clearly.

So, as you can see there are a lot of reasons that you should choose Smart Projector Paint for projection.

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