Commercial Interiors Companies: Partner With Smarter Surfaces

Smarter Surfaces is an R&D focused award-winning business, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Our products are introduced to each market via each approved partner.

If you are considering expanding your range of commercial interior products, here are just a few reasons why you should considering partnering with us :

Highly Innovative Product Range

“Innovation” is bandied around a lot these days but we believe our products are truly innovative. In fact, the biggest challenge you will find is lack of awareness that our products exist! Many people have not yet come across writable, magnetic and projectable wallpapers, films and paints. The good news is though, that once seen, people tend to get very enthusiastic about our products. So its all about building awareness amongst specifiers and end-users.

Large End-User Market

Modern work and learning environments value our products which really deliver the benefits of communications and productivity, as they are functional rather than aesthetic wallpapers, paints and films (although we think they look great too!). Proven Performance

Our original product, whiteboard paint Smart Wall Paint, won a European office award in 2014. Since then, our products have been installed and used extensively. We offer performance guarantees and necessary commercial certifications as standard.

To aid in installation, we have web, print and video step-by-step instruction guides too.

Blue Chip Customer List

Check out our impressive customer examples here and you will see leading brand names in business, hospitality, education, IT, finance, pharma and lots more.

Intensive Training

Once appointed a distributor of Smarter Surfaces, we provided tailored and live training to your technical and sales staff. We want to share our experience, and the proven experience of our existing partners, with you.  We are happy to deliver this training to your timezone, by video call, and if required, in person on site (easiest if a large sales team).

Online Partner Portal

Another benefit of becoming our partner is that you get access to our online partner portal. This is where you can browse, download and customise our extensive library of sales and marketing material. This means you can start selling immediately as your marketing and business development material is ready for you to use.

Strategic Partnership Approach

We take a hands-on approach to working with your partners. Its very simple. If you grow, we grow. If you win, we win. So we will always be there to answer any of your (or your customers) questions . We want to talk to you several times a year understand and address any sales challenges you might have. We are also happy to input into your business plan involving our products.

Next Steps

Browse our corporate site, and get in touch with [email protected] for an informal and confidential chat. We vet prospective partners carefully to ensure a good fit between us.

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below

US:   1800 932 1609    UK0203 5145395

IE: 01 4126200            CA: 1800 948 9438

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