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Never heard of functional paints or wallpapers before ? Don’t worry. They are really similar to regular paints and wallpapers, just much better of course !

So we asked our super helpful and friendly customer support team, what are the most common questions you are asked about some of our products.  Here goes.

Top Questions for Whiteboard Paint 

Question : Do I have to use a primer before I apply whiteboard paint ? 

Answer : Yes. It is essential.  Why ? A primer seals the surface, so when the whiteboard paint is applied on top of the primer,  it stays on the surface and is not absorbed into the surface. This is an important step in getting optimum write-on wipe-off performance from Smart Wall Paint.

Question : Can I use a normal white paint as a primer ?

Answer : No ! Regular white emulsion paints can be chalky and therefore can be porous. A porous base is not a good base as it might soak up the whiteboard paint, potentially reducing its performance.

Our primer is a water based primer so it will not absorb any of the whiteboard paint.

Using a primer is a critical step in getting the best performance from your whiteboard paint.

Question : Is there a way of speeding up the drying time ?

Answer : When using a primer with our whiteboard paint, the drying time is very important. Our primer is water based yet our whiteboard paint is water sensitive. So the primer must be 100% dry before applying the whiteboard paint on top.

We strongly recommend waiting 12 hours to let the primer dry. However we understand many people are working to deadlines for office fitouts and customer deadlines.

To speed up the drying time of the primer, consider using heaters or dryers.

Do make sure the primer is fully dry before apply Smart Wall Paint.

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Question : What kind of roller should I apply your paints with ?

Answer : We recommend using foam rollers as they don’t’ leave any residue such as loose hairs which mohair or other rollers might leave.

Question : Can I spray, rather than paint, whiteboard paint ?

Answer : Yes. Just email [email protected] and we will send you the application guide specific to spray painting Smart Wall Paint.

Question : What is Smart Wall Paint made of ? Is it water based or oil based?

Answer : Smart Wall Paint, our award-winning whiteboard paint, is made from a polymer called “polysiloxane”.

Question : “How many colours does your whiteboard paint available in ?”

Answer : Our whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint, comes in two finishes : traditional white and transparent. You can achieve a whiteboard area in any colour with Smart Wall Paint clear. Simply apply one coat of this transparent write-on wipe-off coating on top of any regular paint colour (except white as the end result may look yellow), wallcovering or digital print of your choice.

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Top Questions for Dry Erase / Projector Wallcoverings

Question : Does adhesive come with our wallcoverings  ?

Answer : No. As our wallcoverings are applied just like regular wallcoverings, you can use adhesive paste you will easily find in your local DIY store. Due to the added functionality in our wallcoverings, we do ask that you only use heavy duty, strong adhesive. This is very important as the weight of our wallcoverings is heavier than normal wallpapers.

Question : Will a whiteboard marker get stuck in the joints of the wallcovering ?

Answer : No. Ask your professional installer to overlap and then double cut the wallcovering before butting the joints together for a seamless finish. Full step by step instructions are provided with each product.

Some people choose to install the wallpaper horizontally rather than vertically to avoid joints at eye-level (main working area / height)

Top Questions for Magnetic Paint

Question : How strong is Magnetic Paint ?

Answer : It depends how many coats you apply. We recommend 3 coats (each of our tins of magnetic paint covers the advertised area of that tin, based on 3 coats). However you can apply upto 7 coats for maximum strength from this product. We say Magnetic Paint gives you medium strength.

Please use neodymium (natural earth) magnets with this products. Regular magnets are not strong enough

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