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A Smarter Surfaces customer tells us what a difference whiteboard paint makes to his company

Klyant is a unique Irish accounting software company. It provides solicitors’ firms, estate agents and similar businesses with solutions for managing effectively a crucial aspect of their activities: how to deal with their day-to-day costs, while keeping their clients’ monies separate. In this way, they keep compliant in the eyes of the PRSA, the Law Society and similar such regulatory bodies.

It’s a service business which on an often daily basis has to meet its clients’ changing and sometimes challenging accounting problems.

Sales and Marketing Manager Cormac O’Connor explained in a recent interview for this website why Klyant is different, and why Smarter Surfaces helps them to be.

“What we offer is a software package that manages all of the normal transactions in a business but with the added benefit of handling client money transactions in a way other programmes don’t. [Klyant software] allows you to manage all your office-side transactions, like wages, heating and electricity bills, etc…, while simultaneously managing the client-side transactions – like deposits from the sale of a house, say – thus keeping the clients’ monies separate from the agency’s or practice’s.

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“What on Earth does this have to do with Smart Wall Paint?” we can hear the reader ask. Cormac explains, pithily and wittily: “it helps you to process information in a different way which you wouldn’t if you were looking at it alone…it’s like a data dump; you start out with the nucleus of an idea, then do up this mental map, and strings of ideas which come out of it…it allows all your colleagues to input their thoughts and ideas and that allows you to take a conversation in a direction which, looking at a problem in isolation simply doesn’t afford you.

“Having all the information spread out in front of you (and your colleagues) in no particular way really does affect the way you look at it. As a tool it is far more useful than it appears on the surface.” (Editor: “Groan!”).

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Examples of how Klyant has used Smarter Surfaces in practice include the development of what Cormac describes as “a very sophisticated sales tracking system, which was designed almost exclusively on the wall,” and occasions, which occur on an ongoing basis in Klyant’s work, when the firm’s own in-house development team will be tackling “quite ingenious solutions to problems which [our] sales people will have brought back from customers” and about which “you need to have quite in-depth conversations [with colleagues].”

A recent example of the latter sort of problem was the case of a customer who had an invoicing problem. “Our development people were able to come down [to that section of Klyant’s offices where the Smarter Surfaces wall is located] and do it immediately.”

It’s really just like “mind-mapping,” says Cormac, “but mind-mapping on steroids.”

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