Make The Most Of Your Meeting Room With Wallcoverings

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Have you considered giving your meeting room an upgrade? Want to maximise your productivity levels and get more done as a team or individual?

Than try maximising your meeting room with functional wallcoverings.

You can choose any functionality you like: magnetic, whiteboard and projection. You can even have more than one functionality on any wall..

Keep reading below and find out just some of the ways you can use wallcoverings to change the way you work.

Use Wallcoverings To Make Walls Writable

First step, why not make your walls writable. Once you do you’ll never know how you lived without them.

Leave flipcharts outside of the meeting room. Now you can have entire walls to explore ideas upon.

Need to think of a name for a new product ? Write all your suggestions up on the wall and see which one stands out most.  Lots of ideas ? No problem, fill the wall. Use this for any brainstorming – with your team and your customers.

Writable wallcoverings, like Dry Erase Wallpaper, have a glossy finish which means they do not ghost and can be written on or wiped off easily.

There are no size restrictions either so you can truly maximise your space.

Project And Write

Why settle for one functionality when you can have two? It’s easy with 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase.

Following the same old meeting structure can become stale over time. Projector and Dry Erase Walls will allow you to do so much more with your surface resulting in more interactive and collaborative meetings.

Pictures tell a thousand words. Use visuals projected up onto the screen your meetings to explain your points. This will help them seeml energetic and fresh.

Since 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase is also an alternative to projection screens you’ll no longer be restricted in the quality of your image or space.

The wall looks white and so looks clean, bright and is always ready to use.

See the Big Picture On The Wall

Aren’t you tired of restrictive flipcharts and whiteboards? You either have to flip the page or erase the work you’ve already done before you can continue. Remember meetings from years gone by with a series of flipchart pages stuck on the wall so everyone could see everything in one go ? The good news is you dont have to work like that anymore.

This isn’t a problem with functional wallcoverings. You’ll see the big picture all at once. No pages and no clutter.

Why not install our new Magnetic Wallcovering, which comes pre primed, with Whiteboard Paint on top? You can use both functionalities in your meetings.

One example is how you can update your project planning. Write up each stage of the project and you’ll be able to use the magnetic functionality to stick up image of products, website designs and so much more.

Check out this image below showing architecture software company Fenstra Pro using both functionalities in their meetings.

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Interactive Presentations

Instead of having just one person presenting at the front while everyone else in your team is seated around a desk, get everyone up working up at the same surface.

Why not project the meeting agenda up on the wall for everyone to see and follow without using any paper?

Your can edit website pages by projecting them up on the wall and using the writable functionality to mark the changes that need to be made.

Just take a photograph at the end of your meeting and email it around to everyone who attended. This way they have an additional reminder of their actions.

Don’t waste another meeting on flipcharts and notebooks. Try functional wallcoverings today to turbocharge your meetings.

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