Make Office Walls Interactive With Magnetic Wallpaper


Are you looking for an interesting way to update your office that can actually change the way you and your team work?

Try magnetic office walls.

You can create them easily with Magnetic Wallpaper and it’s a great way to make your office more interactive.

Promote teamwork and collaboration too, making it easier for everyone to become more involved in what’s going on in the office.

Think magnetic office walls sound interesting? Find out 5 ways you can use them below.

Update Your Meeting Room

Our first suggestion is adding magnetic functionality to the  walls in your meeting room.

Are you tired of traditional meeting styles? Looking for something more interactive and engaging? Then get up and use your wall.

You can transform one wall or your entire meeting room into an unlimited magnetic surface. Consider allocating dedicated parts of the magnetic wall to different teams or departments so  each can have their own space to use.

Stick up agendas, so that everyone can clearly see the order of how things will proceed. Print out website, brochure or software designs if you are discussing potential changes.

Getting everyone up on their feet can actually make them  better thinkers. Check out this article on how stand up meetings can be really beneficial and increase productivity.

Take the same idea and bring standing meetings to your workplace. All through using magnetic office walls.

Create A Company Announcement Wall

This is a great way to increase communication in your office and a fun way to update everyone on company information.

Transform the offices wall in your communal area and invite everyone to share any exciting news they have up on it.

People who work in different departments will find it much easier to get an overall image of what is going on.

What about customer feedback ? Do you share positive feedback with all staff ? If not, start with a magnetic wall.

Alternately use your magnetic wall to countdown to a product launch ? or even keep everyone up to date on the next company social events.

It doesn’t just have to be about the company, why not personalise it as well?

Use your magnetic office walls to share promotions or birthdays with the whole company.

Celebrate groups or individuals on their own achievements and contribute to overall employee wellness.

With magnetic office walls, you can change how communication occurs in your office and everyone will love how interactive they are.

Say Goodbye To Cluttered Desks

Are you tired of your desk being piled high with paper? Trying to keep track of important information you need to throughout your day can be difficult and can often get misplaced.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just stick it up on your office walls instead?

Instead of searching through scraps of paper for important numbers or figures, you will easily be able to locate them when stuck up on your office walls.

Everything will be tidier, more convenient and you’ll find your productivity greatly increased.

What more could you want from your office walls?

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Dedicate Whole Walls to Project Management

When working on a project with a group of people, wouldn’t it be great  to see an overview of everyone’s progress at a glance?

With magnetic office walls, you  have an easy and interactive way to do so.

Give each member of your team a section of the wall to track the progress in each of their tasks.

Not only will it help you see how everyone is doing, but will also inspire them to complete their tasks so that they can stick their work up on the wall.

Launching a product? Use the wall to keep track of each step in the process with your team adding the relevant information once complete.

They can stick up website text, product images and launch dates. This way you’ll all know when you reach the next step in the process.

If you manage lots of people or teams or clients, use the magnetic wall to maintain project progress with each one  You can update each project or schedule daily, weekly or monthly – whatever your project dictates. Unclutter your mind and put your projects on the wall.

Make Your Office Walls Work For You

The most important question you need to ask yourself is this, how best can my magnetic office walls work for me?

Only you know the best way for you and your staff to benefit from adding interactive surfaces into your office.

People use and enjoy magnetic walls in both planned and unplanned ways. Create a fun and engaging working wall that best suits your needs.

You don’t just have to choose one functionality either. Why not try adding whiteboard functionality as well as magnetic to your office walls?

This means not only will you be able to stick things up, you can write notes on your wall, brainstorm and explore ideas at team meetings.

For more information on dry erase products check out Whiteboard Paint and Whiteboard Wallpaper.

So, Why Should You Choose Magnetic Wallpaper?

Now you know how you can use magnetic office walls, why should you use Magnetic Wallpaper to create them ?

This product is a high performance wallpaper that transforms  any wall into a smooth magnetic surface.

It performs just like a traditional magnetic board but you will be no longer limited in space. Turn entire walls, entire rooms into magnetic surfaces.

That’s not all though. Magnetic Wallpaper can be rapidly applied to your office walls and can be used in just 48 hours.

This means you can have it installed on a Friday evening and it will be ready to use when you come in first thing Monday.

Magnetic Wallpaper comes pre primed and has a white finish. This means it will fit in seamlessly once applied to your office walls.

Or if you wish you can topcoat it with a colour of your own choice digital print, wallpaper or whiteboard paint for additional functionality.

To learn more about Magnetic Wallpapers, click here.

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