Magnetic Plaster vs. Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint vs. Magnetic Plaster | Smarter SurfacesIn today’s post we have compared Smart Magnetic Plaster and Smart Magnetic Paint in terms of size, application, appearance and price, in order to assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your surface, space and budget.


Smart Magnetic Plaster: The plaster is available in a 10 kg tub, which is the equivalent of 53 sq. ft. and covers a surface area of 5m².

Smart Magnetic Paint: This paint can be purchased in a variety of sizes, allowing you to transform anything from a small surface to an entire room. It is currently available in 3m² and 10m ² tins.


Smart Magnetic Plaster: This plaster comes pre-mixed, meaning it can be used straight away, without adding water. Once applied, you can start enjoying your surface the very next day. You can view our application video here.

Smart Magnetic Paint: The paint can transform your walls, doors and desks into magnetic surfaces in just three simple steps. To learn more, you can view our application video here.


Both: The Magnetic Paint and Plaster are both grey in colour (due to their magnetite content) but can be painted over in the shade of your choice. You can also apply Smart Wall Paint, our award-winning dry erase paint, on top of the plaster and paint to create a magnetic, writable surface. You can view our application video for this here.

Magnetic Strength 

Smart Magnetic Plaster: Is a super strong magnetic compound which is ranked as strong as it has 67% magnetite content.

Smart Magnetic Paint: The paint’s magnetic strength is ranked as medium as it has 50% magnetite content. This performance increases with the addition of further coats.

That concludes our roundup and comparison of the magnetic products in the Smarter Surfaces range. How would you use a magnetic (and dry-erase) wall?  

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