Magnetic Plaster – Does it Work ?

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We get asked a lot of questions about Smart Magnetic Plaster. It’s a cool and simple product so we thought we would address it in our blog.

It’s a plaster (rather than paint or a wallcovering). You can stick magnets to it. So it’s a magnetic plaster. (We call ours Smart Magnetic Plaster.)

Does it work ? Absolutely !

In fact it’s so brilliant, we even dedicated one of our three walls at Neocon in Chicago to it.

Neocon Stand 1

No, that is not a chalkboard paint wall and those posters are not tacked or pinned to the wall. They are attached by magnets. That is a magnetic plaster wall. At 67% magnetite content, Magnetic Plaster is a super strong magnetic compound.

This is Karol who plastered the wall for us.

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Monica in our office likes to use her magnetic plaster sample board to hold her jewellery but that’s not exactly why we designed it (but hey, who are we to tell you how to use your magnetic surface).

We created Smart Magnetic Plaster to give magnetic functionality to a wall or office or classroom. You can paint on top of it with any colour paint if you don’t like the natural colour of the dark wall. Due to the high magnetite content which gives it its amazing magnetic performance, we can’t change the colour unfortunately.

You can also put a wallcovering or digital print on top too. (Don’t go too thick with your topcoat or it will affect the magnetic pull.)

You could even add a dry erase layer on top to get both a magnetic and whiteboard surface. Check out our award-winning dry erase paint or dry erase wallcovering.

Will it affect the WiFi signal or a pace-maker ? No it wont. Smart Magnetic Plaster is a magnetically receptive material. It is not magnetic in itself.

It comes ready mixed and any plasterer any apply – just like any plaster product.

For more information, here is our catalogue page about this product or visit our online store here.

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