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We know that most of our end users use our writable, magnetic and projector products for regular day to day work and learning activities. These might include project management and planning, brainstorming and meeting, presenting and collaborating. But from time to time, customers share other ways in which they use our products.

Here are some examples which really caught our imagination and so we would like to share them with you.

Daily Affirmations

A US based rehab centre works with alcohol addicts to help them deal with and hopefully overcome their addictions. They bought our award-winning Smart Wall Paint to transform their walls into writable surfaces.

As part of recovery, “daily affirmations” are used to strengthen resolve. They might include emotional support statements such as “One day at a time”, “Just for today” or “Progress not Perfection”.

The participants in this recovery programme used the write-on wipe-off whiteboard wall each day to write their own affirmation.

Affirmations can be used in all walks of life to help each of us in our personal and professional development. What a great idea!

Dream Wall

One enterprise school teacher created a Dream Wall using her whiteboard wall. Students could write their dreams and goals on the wall.

This helped students identify, visualise and then write whatever their aspirations are.

It helped students to understand each other better. Consequently a team spirit was fostered as well as empowering students at an individual level.

We love this !


Personalise Your Living Space With Our Products 

At a residential home for young offenders, each had a private bedroom during their temporary stay. The doors of the bedrooms were painted in our whiteboard paint to create writable surfaces. This allowed the young people to write on each door.

The intention was to allow them personalise their living space, so it felt more like home, or at least their own space, for these vulnerable people. The belief was this feeling would facilitate a more positive attitude.

What a simple and inexpensive way to help people.

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