Innovative Ways To Use Magnetic Walls

On our blog we often talk about the many practical uses for our magnetic products, such as improving productivity and organization.

Well, today we are here to give you some inspiration to think outside the box and use your magnetic surfaces in some new, innovative ways.

Display Your Favorite Pictures

Why keep your pictures in dusty photo books when you could have an entire wall displaying your favourite memories?

Magnetic walls are a great way of adding your favourite photos to your environment without the worry of damaging your surfaces with screws or thumbtacks.

Simply use neodymium magnets to easily add pictures to your walls. You can even add frames with zero commitment.

Picture walls don’t have to be just for personal use either. Why not create a wall in your workplace dedicated to pictures from staff outings and events? You could even have an area for photos of new clients or business partners.

Magnetic picture walls will allow you to fully customize your environment. Making your space truly your own.

Get Innovative With Playtime

No matter where they are, be it at home or the doctor’s office, children are always looking to be entertained.

This often leads to floor and storage spaces becoming cluttered with games and toys. So why not create magnetic play areas for children right on the wall?

Our Smart Magnetic range are all designed to accommodate any colour, wallpaper, or even digital print of your choice, allowing you to use each one with a kid friendly interactive topcoat.

You could paint grids for tic-tac-toe or connect 4 onto your magnetic wall allowing children to play using magnets instead of traditional games that can take up so much room.

With magnetic walls you can keep children entertained, without the mess.

Never Lose Your Keys Again

Are you constantly losing track of certain items, such as keys or phones?

Instead of searching for these things all around the room wouldn’t it be easier to just look to your walls?

How about adding a magnetic strip to the items you are always losing track of? This way whatever you’re looking for will never be more than a glance away.

This creative solution will save you both time and energy. What more could you want?

Interested in learning more about magnetic walls? Find out everything you need to know here.

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