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Since we started operating in 2011, our company has grown to satisfy a rapidly growing global market for our products. These include wallcoverings, paints and plasters that provide writable, magnetic and projector functionality to any smooth surface.

Our products have been used by a various companies in different sectors. These include large businesses like Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft, and Vodafone in addition to serving 40 countries in 5 different continents.

Through helping our customers successfully, we have achieved global recognition and it is with this reputation that we work with distributors and e-commerce sites worldwide.

We do this to build relationships with a wide variety of different companies. This provides excellent growth opportunities that have benefited us and those we have worked with.  

If you want to see the advantages awarded to your company through becoming a Smarter Surfaces partner, read through this article.

An Innovative Product Range With Repeat Sales

Our high quality products are frequently sought after, making them very high margin. The extra demand can be shown by the fact that we have achieved repeat sales as our customers experience the benefits of having a functional surface.

Check out this quote from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel who turned their walls into functional surfaces in order to improve communication.  

“Previously, we had three small whiteboards. We chose to dedicate a whole wall in our Events and Reservations Office to having a writable and magnetic surface. The biggest benefit of this is that we can put up all of our information on one wall, instead of it being spread out all over the office.”

Taking this into consideration, it is clear that becoming a distributor is beneficial as you will be able to fulfill the needs of various customers from a wide range of different sectors.

As a result, setting up a partnership with Smarter Surfaces will give your company a competitive advantage thanks to the revenue brought in by a popular product range that brings in repeat sales.

Partners can also benefit from the fact that innovation is a key part of our company. As a result we always try to find new ways to improve the market through introducing new products that change the way various offices operate.

This makes us and our partners market leaders, so everybody who collaborates with Smarter Surfaces will enjoy great success.

Additionally, in order to stay ahead of the market and create new trends we are continuously updating our product range. This means that you will always have brand new innovative items that will draw people to your company, allowing for increased growth.

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Certificates That Demonstrate Product Safety

We have had our products tested for a variety of different certificates to show that they are safe for use. They were found to have low VOC emissions and complied with the standards set by the Finnish voluntary emission classification of building materials.

Additionally, our products were tested and certified for LEED specification, meaning that they are sustainable products that do not produce harsh chemicals and strong odours.

Finally, our wallcoverings and paints have been certified as having low fire reactivity. This means that you can be assured that damage is limited and evacuation time is extended.

From each of these certificates, it is clear that our products were tested extensively and certified. This means that you can be assured that our paints and wallcoverings are safe to be around and have  limited fire reactivity.

Joining A Network Of Successful Companies

When you become a Smarter Surfaces partner, your company enters a group of various groups that have achieved worldwide success from their relationship with us.

This is not only due to our high end product range, but it is also a result of our dedication to collaboration.

You will be provided constant support so that you can achieve your goals.

Our staff have experience in all aspects of our company’s products, the overall market along with working with other partners. This means you can be assured that all information is being provided by individuals who have in-depth knowledge of the area that they work in.  

The first part of our support is the product training. This is provided to help you learn the ins and outs of our functional paints, wallcoverings, plasters and other materials, along with the best methods for marketing and selling them.

A suite of promotional material will be provided to assist with marketing. This includes brochures, samples, presentations and email templates, all of which can be altered to suit your needs.

You will also receive a wide range of visual content like videos and images as well as blog posts and testimonials. To help you put all this material to great use, assistance with engagement and content creation on social media will be provided.

Finally, an account manager will be employed to work with you and provide support so that you are able to hit important sales targets.

All training and assistance is in-depth, provided by experienced staff, and is undertaken on a regular basis. This ongoing support has helped our network of partners who have succeeded globally and were able to grow their own companies as a result.  

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Resources For Partners

In addition to the training and support, there are also a variety of other resources that you can get through our partner portal.

Companies that set up with Smarter Surfaces will be given a unique email and password so that they can access this page. When they log on, they can benefit from a wide variety of content including photography, videos, customer testimonials and notable case studies.

Editable brochures can also be downloaded so that you can put your own company logo onto the front page and your contact details on the back. Other additional promotional content that you can use includes sales presentations and product images.

You can read our detailed FAQs page that has the answers to various questions about our company and its products. If you have any further questions that are not covered then you can send us an email here.

So all in all, there are a wide variety of benefits that you get from becoming a Smarter Surfaces partner. You will be gaining a high revenue stream from an innovative and high in demand product range.

Additionally, your company will get access to a support network that will provide you with all the resources and training that you need to hit key targets.

We strive to find partners that are a good fit in us so that we can all invest our time and energy into achieving a mutual relationship that will allow all companies to benefit for the long term.

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below

US:   1800 932 1609    UK: 0203 5145395

IE: 01 4126200            CA: 1800 948 9438

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