How Strong Is Magnetic Plaster?

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Are you considering a magnetic wall for your office?

With so many magnetic products on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. There are so many variables to consider.

One of the most important things is the strength of your magnetic wall. When searching for a magnetic product, one of the things we suggest you consider is making sure you get the best magnetic strength possible.

But different brands of magnetic plaster say that they perform at different strengths.  So what do you believe?

In this post we will tell you exactly how strong Smart Magnetic Plaster really is.

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How Strong is Magnetic Plaster?

With Smart Magnetic Plaster, you can create a magnetic surface in any size you choose.

But how strong is the product exactly?

Smart Magnetic Plaster is a super strong magnetic compound which has a magnetite content of 67%. This means it has a high magnetic strength.

One of the common questions we get asked is will it affect the WiFi signal or a pacemaker?

No it won’t.

Smart Magnetic Plaster is magnetically receptive, not magnetic in itself.

What Can I Hold Up With Magnetic Plaster?

So you know Smart Magnetic Plaster is strong, but how much can you really hold up with it?

First though, here are the magnets to use.

With Smart Magnetic Plaster, you can’t use regular fridge magnets. These will not be effective.

Instead, you need to use neodymium magnets or rare earth magnets. Check out the magnets we suggest here.

With weaker magnetic surfaces you can usually only hold up a few sheets of paper up. With Smart Magnetic Plaster, you can hold heavier items.

Check out this photo of Smart Magnetic Plaster being used in an office. As you can see, not only can you hold up sheets of paper but also much heavier items like markers, cleaners and even notebooks.

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How Can I Use Magnetic Plaster?

So, now that you that you know how strong magnetic plaster can be, you want to know how you can use it.

Transform entire rooms into magnetic surfaces with Smart Magnetic Plaster.

Want some more ideas?

Here are just five ways to make the most of your Smart Magnetic Plaster Wall.

  1. Create giant magnetic notice boards or calendars (you can choose your whole wall!)
  2. Project plan and keep track of your weekly actions
  3. Share important documents by sticking them up on the wall for everyone to see.
  4. Share monthly figures and targets with your team
  5. Map out your social media plan for the week – everyone can contribute.

Do you want to add whiteboard functionality to your magnetic wall? Check out Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint. Prefer writable wallpapers? See ours here.

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