‘Go over the edges’ with Smart Wall Paint



IT company GetConnected, a company from Bologna, Italy, specialise in providing digital solutions to businesses in retail, fashion and financial services. They propose innovative technical solutions and processes that allow customers to maintain leadership and achieve their aims.


Having recently purchased from Smarter Surfaces they were so pleased with their new office walls coated in Smart Wall Paint that they got in touch with us to answer a few questions on the product.


Where do you have Smart Wall Paint in White and Clear applied in your offices?

We have at least one whiteboard wall in all of our meeting rooms and offices in both of our branches. We have experimented with applying the paint on walls of different sizes, from 2m x 1.5m to 7m x 4m. Most of the walls within our offices are white so we mainly used Smart Wall Paint in White however we find both versions of the product to be of equally high quality.


Did you find any benefits when applying Smart Wall Paint?

We found that Smart Wall Paint, both in white and clear, had an extremely easy and straightforward application process. The application guide which accompanied both of the products was straightforward and very easy to understand. This means that anyone can apply it.


Who within the company is using Smarter Surfaces Products? What are the surfaces being used for?

We use Smart Wall Paint in White and Clear to draw large diagrams and to take notes during our meetings. We can also now write down activities and leave messages on the walls for our colleagues.


What do you think of our Smart Wall Paint? Do you think it’s useful for your day-to-day work?

Since we have applied Smart Wall Paint in White and Clear to the walls within our company every single one of our employees has been using the product. Our Smarter Surfaces walls have become a very important part of the day to day work activities of all of our employees.


Would you recommend Smarter Surfaces products to other companies? Why?

Absolutely yes! Smarter Surfaces products can be applied around corners which  allows the user to “go over the edges” and gives us the opportunity to unleash our creativity.

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