Five uses for Whiteboard Paint

Five uses for Whiteboard Paint | Smarter SurfacesToday we have shared five of our favourite uses for the award winning Smart Wall Paint, which is used by thousands of customers around the world to create writable surfaces that are tailored to their needs.


To-Do list

A whiteboard surface in or around your desk area at work or at home is the perfect place to record to-do lists. By keeping this list of tasks on a surface that’s in your eyeline, you’re less likely to veer off track or become distracted as your work is visible to you at all times.

Five uses for Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces


Another great use for a whiteboard paint surface is to create a communal calendar. This is a great idea for offices, classrooms or home environments, where multiple individuals can add upcoming events or important dates to a surface that is large enough for everyone to see and take note of.

Five uses for Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces


Brainstorming canvas

A writable surface such as Smart Wall Paint provides a canvas where teams can brainstorm and generate ideas, without worrying about running out of space like they would on a traditional whiteboard or in a notebook. The whiteboard surface is large enough to allow collaboration between multiple team members at once and is a great addition to meeting rooms and classrooms.

Five uses for Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces


Taking notes and messages

Within our offices here at Smarter Surfaces, we each have Smart Wall Paint Clear applied to our desks. When people ring the office, we use our writable surface to take note of names and numbers, or messages that need to be passed on to our coworkers. This is an excellent alternative to looking for a pen and paper and is also better for the environment.




The last idea in our list is one which we have stolen from one of our favourite customers, PixelFederation. PixelFederation are an online gaming company and they use their whiteboard paint to draw up images and designs for characters and scenery within these games. Drawings such as these which can be collaborated on by many team members are bound to brighten up any office or classroom.

Five uses for Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces

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