Endeavour Create A New Office With Smarter Surfaces

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Based in the heart of Belfast, Endeavour Information Systems was established in September 2009 to deliver high quality Microsoft-based solutions to public and private organisations, as well as organisations in the charity and not-for-profit sector throughout the UK and Ireland.

What was the problem?

When planning a move into new premises, Endeavour hated the look of normal whiteboards and so did not want to go down that route.

They saw some Smarter Surfaces makeovers and so chose functional walls, instead of whiteboards, as the way forward.

The Solution

Each of the walls in the new office is magnetic and writeable.

Blog Endeavour and Smarter Surfaces Walls, office

Endeavour also painted one wall with Smart Projector Paint.

Their projector wall is great for day to day office use when working with teams – both staff and clients.

Blog Endeavour and Smarter Surfaces Projectable Wall2

The projector wall works out of hours too. They love Endeavour’s games night each Friday after work with the company Xbox !

Blog Endeavour and Smarter Surfaces Projectable Wall for gaming

So how do Endeavour use their magnetic and writable walls ? They use them for agile development, scrum-boards and project management.

Like most IT companies, design, planning and project management are critical daily tasks. We love that our magnetic and writable walls facilitate this way of working.

They didn’t just stop at walls. They also have a writable table  !

Darren Toner from Smarter Surfaces says “It was great to be involved with the Endeavour New office fit-out. With a combination of magnetic, writable and projectable walls, the team has multiple collaborative spaces and more importantly a projectable wall for the Xbox !!”

Products Used

Smart Magnetic Paint – to create a medium strength magnetically receptive surface. Note due to magnetite content, this paint is a mid-grey in colour. For more strength

Smart Wall Paint – topcoat your magnetic base with a whiteboard paint. This gives a white finish.

Smart Projector Paint – a non-dry erase paint in a matt white finish designed to work with all projectors.

Max your office makeover with Smarter Surfaces functional walls.

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