Creating The Longest Writable Wall Possible

Innovatory Factory and Smarter Surfaces, writable wall)

The Innovation Factory (IF) is a purpose-built hub featuring workspace that’s filled with energy and imagination.

With vibrant features designed in collaboration with fashion designer and entrepreneur Wayne Hemingway MBE, Innovation Factory is the five-star home to Belfast’s hotbed of entrepreneurial talent.”

All the businesses in the hub are seen as growing, innovative companies with potential for growth. Each is vetted to get in. Each of the chosen tenants represent different industries.

IF is all about created a workspace that enables these exciting entrepreneurs to reach their potential.

The Challenge

Before Smarter Surfaces, the Innovation Factory thought that their space was quite clinical looking. Of equal importance, they needed a space for the co-working entrepreneurs to get their ideas on the wall. There was only one problem. They didn’t want to put up whiteboards. They wanted a modern alternative.

Here is a wall in the co-working space, before the walls became Smarter Surfaces :

BLOG Before Smarter Surfaces

Check out the new writeable wall :

After Smarter Surfaces

At 12m long, converting this great space into a writable wall truly transforms the working space and the atmosphere into something that all entrepreneurs would love to work on.

How is the Writable Wall Used ?

Now everyone can write on the wall, rather than sitting down and working on laptops. The new writable wall brings the group together. Everyone uses the wall.

Apart from the entrepreneur tenants of the Innovation Factory, there are others who also benefit from this great space.

Local schools use the Innovatory Factory. Children learn about innovation and running their own business.  The teacher and children work on the 12m long writable wall.

The objective is for the young students to consider entrepreneurship when they leave school, rather than automatically going into employment.

This room is also rented out for events every other morning.

Even More Reasons to Consider a Writable Wall

They can be as long as you like – 12m in length in this case !

Your writable wall can go around corners.

You can customise your writable wall with your logo.

Your writable wall can be in any colour -even orange like the Innovation Factory.

Products Used

Smart Wall Paint Clear – our whiteboard paint in a transparent finish.

Simply paint over your chosen base colour or digital print or wallcovering to add dry erase functionality.

Note border tape and logo stickers can be purchased separately.

Have a look at some of our customer case studies involving whiteboard paint here and here.

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