Create an Interactive Whiteboard With Dry Erase Paint

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Have you always wanted an interactive whiteboard in your office or classroom?

Rather than spend the money on an expensive screen, just pair up a projector and a whiteboard wall instead.

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard is a tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector. These images can then be manipulated by the presenter by using their finger as a mouse, directly onto the wall.

But there is one drawback – price. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on them.

Why not go for a much cheaper and just as high quality alternative?

Use a high quality projector and whiteboard paint, such as our Smart Wall Paint. Or if you are looking for a wallpaper, try Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase. This is one wallpaper that you can write onto and project onto.

You just need to pick the right projector for your needs. However any high quality projector will be suitable when creating your interactive whiteboard.

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4 Ways to Use your Whiteboard Wall

Project any image directly onto your new whiteboard wall.  As your whiteboard wall is not limited in size – like projector screens or whiteboards – you can show any image or graphic to your audience. It’s so much easier to for people to see, to comment on and to engage.

Want to make changes to your website?

No problem. Here is our tried and tested way of making it really easy for a group of people to work on one website. Rather than having everyone huddle around the computer screen, simply project the image onto your wall and use the whiteboard functionality to show your team exactly what edits you want to make.

Then you can easily wipe it away when you’re done

Update brochures

Just like making changes to your website, just project your brochure-ware onto the wall. Get feedback from your team. Ask one volunteer to mark changes with a whiteboard, Everyone can see what changes are being made, clearly and in real time. It’s interactive, can be fun and certainly promotes teamwork and communications.

Having a whiteboard surface you can project upon, can also improve your meetings.

There are plenty of ways to do it.

  • Project your agenda for the meeting up on wall and striking each item off as you complete them.
  • You can also get everyone up and out of their seats by making a list of follow up actions for the team to complete. Each member will write their name next to the action they are responsible for and will be completing.

Once the meeting is over just take a photograph of the wall, then you can wipe away everything and start with a clear wall for your next meeting.  

All without purchasing an expensive interactive whiteboard.

What are you waiting for ? Get your own interactive whiteboard wall today with Smart Wall Paint or Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase

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