Create A Magnetic Writable Announcement Wall

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When working in an office of any size, communication can sometimes be an issue.

How do you make sure that everyone in the company stays update on all company info without having to attend continuous meetings?

You could try sending emails? But this can be both time consuming, and depending on how many emails workers receive, this information can sometimes get lost.

We have another solution. Magnetic Writable Walls. With these you can create your very own announcement wall that you can dedicate to everything going on in the company.

Interested and want to hear more? Then read below and see both how you can create a magnetic writable wall and a few suggestions of what to do with it.

Help Everyone Get Involved A Magnetic Writable Wall

So now you know how to create a magnetic writable wall, how can you use it?

Try installing your wall in a communal area that all your colleagues will come across at some stage. Then make it the central point for sharing company news.

Let everyone know they can update it with anything important and watch different departments all work together on one joint project.

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Have A New Product Launch?

Stick up an image of your new product on your magnetic writable wall and write up the launch date. Or why not have a bit more fun by dedicating a second of the to a countdown to the launch?

This means everyone, even those who aren’t in the product department, will know when the new product will be on the market.

Let Everyone Contribute

Invite all staff to use the magnetic writable wall. Invite ideas for new product ideas, new product names, or for social outings and team events.

Share Good News

Use your new interactive wall to share customer feedback and reviews. Promote a feel good factor in your business amongst everyone, not just those who directly receive the feedback.

Make It Personal  

Your magnetic writable wall doesn’t need to be solely about product and company info, why not personalise it too?

Use it to share promotions and anniversaries or new employee announcements to keep everyone in the loop.

Or keep track of employee birthdays for each week. This is a great way to contribute to employee wellness and make use of your magnetic writable wall.

Social Media Calendar on a Wall

It’s All About Communication

Whatever you choose to use your magnetic writable wall for, and there are a lot of options.

The best thing about it, is that it will open a new channel of communication throughout your company.

Since everyone will be able to see different departments updating the wall, this could lead to them becoming more forthcoming with their own news.

This will not only lead to an interesting announcement wall to read but also help increase the flow of news throughout the company.

Having announcements and news up in colourful writing will also draw much more attention than a thread of emails could.

This will help employees remember the information they’ve seen and maybe even bring it into their own meetings.

There are so many ways to make use of a magnetic writable wall. Most importantly it needs to be a way that best benefits your company and employees.

First Step, Pick Your Products

So, how do you create your magnetic writable wall? You actually have a lot of product combinations to choose from.

You could choose Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. This kit combines magnetic paint with whiteboard paint to give you a surface that is both writable and magnetic.

It blends really easily into any environment and can be any size and any colour you choose.

Or why not layer Whiteboard Wallpaper on top of Magnetic Plaster? Not only will this provide you with the strongest magnetic surface we have available for your magnetic wall, it will be non-ghosting too.

Magnetic Plaster has a magnetite content of 67% and all of our wallcoverings have been independently tested and certified for classification of reaction to fire.

Or lastly, why not opt for a Magnetic Wallpaper with Whiteboard Paint on top?

Magnetic Wallpaper comes pre-primed, so you can top coat with any colour of your choice, digital print, wallpaper. Then simply finish off my applying Whiteboard Paint on top.

As you can see, there are so many ways to create a magnetic writable wall.

Interest in trying a magnetic writable surface? Then click here.

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