Why You Should Choose Super Magnetic Paint

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Are you considering adding a magnetic surface to your office or classroom?

There are plenty of products on the market to choose from, such as paints, plasters, or wallcoverings.

At Smarter Surfaces we have a number of magnetic products to choose from.

Today we’re talking about Super Magnetic Paint. It’s the latest magnetic product to be added to our range.

Keep reading below and check out some of the reasons you should choose Super Magnetic Paint to create your functional surfaces.

Super Magnetic Paint Is Easy To Install  

Want a magnetic product that is easy to install? Then Super Magnetic Paint is for you.

Simply choose your surface, make sure it is smooth and free of cracks or holes and begin application.

We recommend applying four coats in total and sanding your surface between each coat.

For complete application steps, click here.

Super Magnetic Paint Is Strong  

One of the main things you need to consider when choosing your magnetic product is how strong you need your surface to be.

Super Magnetic Paint is 60% magnetite which makes it a strong magnetically receptive surface.

This means that you can hang heavier items than with our original magnetic paint, Smart Magnetic Paint. This product is only 50% magnetite. This means Super Magnetic Paint is 10% stronger than Smart Magnetic Paint.

That really makes the difference.

For the strongest magnetic product in our range see Smart Magnetic Plaster here.

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You Can Topcoat It In Anyway You Want  

Once your magnetic surface is installed you get to choose how you finish it off.

How you do it really is up to you.

You can topcoat with any colour that you like. But that’s not all. Once you apply the colour of your choice, you can add Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear on top and create a magnetic and dry erase surface.

Or skip the middle step and simply paint over your magnetic surface with Smart Whiteboard Paint in White.

As we’ve said before, the choice is yours.

Does Super Magnetic Paint sound like the product for you? Then click here.

Click here to find out how you can use magnetic walls in your office space.

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