Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster

sheets held up by a magnetic on a magnetic plaster wall

 Choose Magnetic Plaster Instead of Regular Plaster Every Time

So your wall is uneven or of poor quality ? A coat of plaster will smooth and strengthen it out for you.

Consider using magnetic plaster instead of regular plaster.

Magnetic plaster is a super strong magnetic compound that will also smoothen the wall and you or your client will also benefit from magnetic functionality.

Increasingly, offices, schools and homes are looking to work, live and learn in flexible ways. Having magnetically receptive walls is a terrific bonus in any space.

Ideal for hanging planners, calendars and schedules and equally suitable for fun stuff like alphabet letters, messages to colleagues or loved ones, or for playing games.

Large corporates use magnetic surfaces for project management and business planning techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma.

Children can learn better with maps and letters on walls.

There are so many reasons to use magnetic plaster instead of regular plaster.

Choose Pre-Mixed Plaster

Our magnetic plaster comes pre-mixed which means there is no need to add water, no mess, no stirring. It does not need to be diluted with water or any other fluid. It is ready to use. Time is precious. Why waste your time mixing plaster dust and water ?

With Smart Magnetic Plaster, you have absolutely no mixing to do.

What to Put on Top

Just like regular plaster, you can put any colored paint, digital print or wallcovering directly on top of magnetic plaster. (Some might like the dark grey natural finish – due to its high magnetite content, but most people prefer to choose their own topcoat).

woman writing on magnetic-whiteboard-paint-wallclear

Sounds Great, What’s the Catch?

Simple, there isn’t one ! We even provide a ten year performance guarantee with it ! What are you waiting for? Check out Smart Magnetic Plaster today.

Tell Me More

Each 10kg tub of Smart Magnetic Plaster contains enough pre-mixed plaster to cover an area of 5m² / 53ft². This works out at a cost* of £23.20 or € 25.80 or $33.80 or AU$35.80 per square metre.

Work smart not hard. Your clients will thank you too.

*correct at time of writing April 2018.

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