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What Magnetic Product Should You Update Your Walls With?

Thinking about adding magnetic functionality to your office or classroom? Then it’s time to choose what magnetic product is the best one for you. There are plenty of options out there to choose from. It really depends on what you are looking for in your product.  Check out some of the options available to you […]

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Unusual Ways To Use Writable Surfaces

Think you know all the ways you can use a writable surface? Then think again. When adding a functional surface to your space there really are unlimited ways to use them. In previous blogs we’ve discussed the more traditional ways to use a writable in your office or classroom, but there are some more unusual […]

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What to Hang On A Magnetic Wall

We love our magnetic walls at Smarter Surfaces.  Here are just some ideas of what to hang on your magnetic wall. If you don’t have a magnetic wall, you could be missing out on communications, productivity and fun ! Use magnetic paint or plaster from Smarter Surfaces. Watch out for our new magnetic wallcovering too. […]

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Uses for A Magnetic Wall in Your Junior School

It is so easy to have a magnetically receptive wall in your office or classroom nowadays. As well as traditional metal sheets and boards, you can choose magnetic paint, magnetic plaster or even magnetic wallpaper (available from us from the beginning of May). Sheets and boards don’t look modern and can be very limiting in […]

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Portafill Makes The Most Of Their Office Space

Portafill International Ltd is a world leading designer, developer and supplier of a range of mobile screens, crushers, wash systems and conveyors. The company’s products are used in quarries, sand and gravel pits and landfill sites, where concrete, rubble, asphalt, stone and more can be screened, sorted and crushed. They operate in every continent in […]

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Creating The Longest Writable Wall Possible

The Innovation Factory (IF) is a purpose-built hub featuring workspace that’s filled with energy and imagination. With vibrant features designed in collaboration with fashion designer and entrepreneur Wayne Hemingway MBE, Innovation Factory is the five-star home to Belfast’s hotbed of entrepreneurial talent.” All the businesses in the hub are seen as growing, innovative companies with potential for […]

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How Safe Are Smarter Surfaces’ Products?

Interested in applying functional products to your surfaces? As a teacher, you may be concerned with how safe these products are for your colleagues or students. Well worry no longer. We’re letting you know exactly how safe Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint is. How Safe is the Smart Wall Paint Application Process? That’s the […]

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Ditch Your Whiteboard For Whiteboard Paint

You love your modern office but not the whiteboard on your wall? Why use a small, stained whiteboard in your office or for your meetings? Are you running out of patience with flipcharts, never being able to explore one idea further than a page? Forget about them. 2018 is the year for updating your surfaces. […]

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Turn Your Column Into A Whiteboard

We’ve shared a number of ways that you can transform your office. The next one is: writable columns. How do you transform a regular column in the middle of your office in a writable surface?’ If you were using a regular whiteboard, you’d need to apply it to a flat wall. This isn’t the case […]

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How Do Schools Use Smarter Surfaces’ Products?

Tired of your old whiteboard? Want to make lessons more engaging?   You might think there isn’t much you can do, but there is.   Try functional surfaces. There are plenty of options to choose from.   How can schools use them?   That’s the great thing about functional surfaces, they can be used in […]

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