Five Tips for Creating More Productive Classroom Spaces

Students have a lot to gain from productive classroom spaces since such environments make it fulfilling and comfortable to learn, interact, and share. Great teachers and outstanding schools contribute to proper learning, but without productive classroom spaces, it is safe to say that the learning process will be sub-optimal.  Creating productive spaces is multi-faceted since […]

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Organize Your Classroom With Super Magnetic Paint

The way you organize your classroom can have a huge impact on your workday. When teaching important lessons, the last thing you should be worrying about is locating important documents or whiteboard markers. So, how exactly can you get on top of your classroom organization? One way is by using magnetic walls. You can easily […]


Go Paperless In Your Classroom With Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

Nowadays it is more important than ever to have an environmentally friendly classroom. One of the easiest and best ways you can do this is by reducing the amount of paper you are using.  But, when traditional teaching has often involved each student having notebooks, how do you do it? What modern ways of teaching […]


Choose Modern Alternatives To Magnetic Boards For Your Classroom

Nowadays having magnetic boards can seem outdated in comparison to the range of magnetic surface products that are available on the market. For teachers it is important to maximise your classroom and make your lessons are effective as possible.  This is why so many schools are choosing to swap their magnetic boards for magnetic surface […]

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Classroom Refurbishment Ideas: Magnetic Writable Surfaces

 Creating a classroom refurbishment plan for the new semester? Then take a minute to think about what elements of your teaching space can actually help with the way your students learn.  One of the teaching methods that are becoming more and more popular is introducing whiteboard or magnetic surfaces into your teaching spaces. This can […]


How To Use Projector Whiteboard Walls In Your Classroom

Are you considering giving your classroom an upgrade? Trying to keep classrooms of students engaged can be difficult so teachers are often on the hunt for innovative ways they can change up lessons.  Why not try projector whiteboard walls? They are a great way to create a modern teaching environment and get students more involved […]

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What Is The Best Magnetic Whiteboard Paint For Your Classroom

With classrooms full of up to 30 students educators are always looking for new and inventive ways to keep their class entertained and engaged in lessons.  One of the recent innovations that schools have been utilising is by updating their classroom surfaces. Instead of traditional whiteboards, flip charts or magnetic panels, teachers and pupils are […]


Learning Tools For Your Classroom: Whiteboard Paint or Chalk Boards?

Every teacher wants to make sure their class is getting the most of the learning experience. One of the ways to do this is by using innovative learning tools. The traditional blackboard has been a common staple in classrooms for decades. However it isn’t the product for the future. Nowadays schools are opting for more […]


How Teachers Can Use A Dry Erase Surface In Their Classroom

Thinking about adding a dry erase surface to your school or classroom? Having a large space to work on isn’t just a beneficial addition for students, teachers can also change the way they plan lessons, organise their work and can even make learning more enjoyable. In the post below we will outline some of the […]

students using easy teaching tools in classrooms

Easy Teaching Tools To Improve Your Classroom

Every teacher wants to create a vibrant, productive and memorable classroom environment. They want to inspire students to be enthusiastic and motivated in their learning. But with class sizes continuously increasing and with attention spans lasting only a few seconds, how do you do it? Why not incorporate some easy teaching tools into your classroom.  […]

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