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Why You Should Choose Super Magnetic Paint

Are you considering adding a magnetic surface to your office or classroom? There are plenty of products on the market to choose from, such as paints, plasters, or wallcoverings. At Smarter Surfaces we have a number of magnetic products to choose from. Today we’re talking about Super Magnetic Paint. It’s the latest magnetic product to […]


Which Products Can You Topcoat Your Magnetic Surface With?

Do you have a magnetic surface in your workspace? Adding magnetic surfaces to your environment can help you optimize your organization and planning, transforming the way you work. But why have one functionality when you could have two, or even three? Today we’re going to talk you through the how to’s and benefits of adding […]

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Layer Smarter Surfaces Products For More Functionality

Did you know that you can layer some of our products on top of another to achieve your desired functional wall ? This blog post looks at some of our most popular product combinations. Get a Writable and Magnetic Wall in White Layer Smart Wall Paint on top of Smart Magnetic Wallcovering The Magnetic wallpaper base […]

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Transform Your Surface With Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? It’s a two-coat plaster that allows you to create a high performing magnetic surface in your office or classroom. Want to learn how you can transform your surface, and what some of the benefits of this product may be? Then keep reading below. Top Three Benefits Of Magnetic Plaster […]

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Check Out Our Dry Erase Product Range

Looking to update your office walls or classroom with whiteboard functionality? At Smarter Surfaces, we have a dry erase product for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for in a whiteboard surface, we’ll have an option for you. Keep reading below to find the dry erase product that fits your needs. Want An Award Winning […]

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New : Self Adhesive Writable and Projector Screen Films

We are delighted to share our latest new product announcement with you. This is not just a new product, but a brand new range of products from Smarter Surfaces. Meet Smart Office Films, a range of self-adhesive films that transform any smooth surface or refurbish old ones. These films are the latest specialist coatings from our […]

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We’re Launching Super Magnetic Paint

Magnetic walls are very popular with all of our customers, in work, school and at home. So we are delighted to announce the latest addition to our Connector Collection of magnetically receptive products: Super Magnetic Paint.  Until now, you could choose between magnetic paint, magnetic plaster or even magnetic wallpaper to create a magnetic surface. […]

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Using Blackboard Paint Surfaces At Weddings

Have you or a friend got a wedding or special occasion coming up? Then Blackboard Paint could be the product for you. There are plenty of interesting ways to use it throughout your day. Discover some by reading below. Help Wedding Guests Find Their Way Signage is a necessity, especially at weddings. Guests are usually […]


3 Reasons To Love Smart Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? This product is a high performance and commercial grade plaster that can transform any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface. If you’re looking to add magnetic functionality to your surface, or swap out magnetic panels, then take a look below to see three reasons to love Magnetic Plaster. Magnetic […]

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Discover Self-Adhesive Writable and Projectable Films

At Smarter Surfaces, we are all about making the most of your workspace. You don’t need to buy specialist boards, panels or flipcharts to write on, stick on or project onto. Use your existing walls, desks, doors, partitions – in fact any smooth surface – with our products. We are delighted to launch our latest […]

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