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Which Projector Surface Should You Choose?

More and more people are opting out of traditional projector screens and opting in to projector surfaces. Projector screen alternatives give you high quality projector surfaces that don’t hotspot and aren’t limited in size. With our projector range growing, you might be wondering which product would best suit your needs? Not all projector surfaces are […]


Create A Home Cinema With Projector Paint Contrast

Are you tired of overpriced trips to the cinema? Ticket prices are constantly on the rise and if you also want popcorn and a drink, it can end up being a very expensive activity. What if we told you that there was an alternative? A high quality product that would allow you to have the […]

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Unique Whiteboard Walls With Clear Whiteboard Paint

  So, you’re thinking of adding whiteboard functionality to your surfaces. We think that’s a great idea. Whiteboard surfaces are an amazing tool that can help you plan, organize and visualize all of your projects without limiting yourself to the small confinements of a traditional whiteboard. Today we’re going to be discussing the different types […]

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Self Adhesive Whiteboard Films: Which Should You Choose?

Smart Office Films are one of the latest additions to the Smarter Surfaces product range. These self adhesive whiteboard films transform any piece of office furniture into functional surfaces. Transform doors, desks, lockers, and so much more in one easy application. We’ve compared all three of our Smart Office Films below so that you pick […]

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We Have A Magnetic Product For Everyone

Trying to decide which magnetic product to choose for your office or classroom? With so many options available it can be difficult to figure out which one fills your needs. Well, we want to make the process as easy for you as possible. That’s why we’ve created this post. Below you’ll see a list of […]

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Which Is The Best Projector Paint?

  Most people use projectors in their workspace, classroom or home. Projections are a great visualization tool for meetings and lessons and can help you get your ideas across more clearly. They can even be great fun at home by taking your gaming or movies onto a bigger screen. But why settle for bulky projector […]

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Which Of Our Products Need Professional Installation ?

As our products are specified by architects and designers for commercial interiors, its important to know which ones need professional installation, as this might impact total project prices and deadlines. Magnetic Plaster Smart Magnetic Plaster is a very convenient solution to consider anytime you require plaster to smoothen or strengthen any wall. Our plaster is […]

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Whiteboard Walls That Go Around Corners

Make the most of all of your surfaces with Smarter Surfaces products. In this blog post, we look at three different whiteboard walls that go around corners! There are many reasons that whiteboard wallpaper and paint are so much different and better to traditional whiteboards. Firstly, you can create a whiteboard area of any size […]

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Magnetic Whiteboard Wall: Which Products to Choose

Thinking of adding magnetic or whiteboard functionality to your walls? Why settle for just one when you could combine the two and create your very own magnetic whiteboard surface? In today’s blog we will discuss the different types of magnetic whiteboard walls you can create with Smarter Surfaces products. Why Choose A Magnetic Whiteboard Wall? […]

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3 Reasons To Love Smart Magnetic Paint

Thinking of adding magnetic functionality to one of your surfaces? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s blog we discuss 3 reasons why we love Smart Magnetic Paint, and why you will too. No Need For Professional Installation You read that right. Our magnetic paint gives you the freedom of creating magnetically receptive […]

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