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Teacher’s Lounge Design Ideas: Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

We’ve often discussed how Smarter Surfaces products can benefit both teaching and learning in the classroom. From interactive classes to collaborative learning, there truly are many advantages. Today we are going to be talking about how you can benefit from magnetic whiteboard walls in your school. Well, in your teacher’s lounge to be exact. Want […]

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Using Smart 3-in-1 Wallcovering In Your Classroom

Do you use whiteboards, projector screens or magnetic/notice boards in your classroom? If so, you might be wondering how efficient these items really are? They all provide you with valuable functionalities, but can also take up room and are limited in both their size and the ways you can use them. Wouldn’t it be easier […]

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Organize Your Classroom With Super Magnetic Paint

The way you organize your classroom can have a huge impact on your workday. When teaching important lessons, the last thing you should be worrying about is locating important documents or whiteboard markers. So, how exactly can you get on top of your classroom organization? One way is by using magnetic walls. You can easily […]

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Optimize Learning with Projection and Dry Erase Surfaces

Trying to make the most of your limited classroom time can sometimes feel like a never ending battle. How do you keep your students’ attention during lessons?  Well worry not because today we are sharing with you how projector and dry erase walls can optimize any and all learning environments. Keep reading below to see […]

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Create Super Magnetic Walls In Your Classroom

As a teacher you can spend a lot of time at the front of a classroom speaking to your class. But how do you keep everyone engaged? Sure, there are a couple of things you can try, but one of the ways we think works the most is making your lessons much more interactive. You […]

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4 Reasons To Add Writable Desks To Your Classroom

Adding whiteboard surfaces to your classroom can be a great way to get your students more involved in lessons. We aren’t just talking about walls though, why not try writable desks? By adding Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear you can change the way you teach and also help you classroom to become more environmentally […]

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How Your School Can Go Paperless With Whiteboard Paint

Are you looking for ways to make your classrooms more environmentally friendly? Cutting down the amount of paper your school is using is one of the easiest and best ways of helping the environment. But, when traditional teaching has often involved each student having notebooks, how do you do it? What modern ways of teaching […]

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Transform Classroom Walls Into Functional Surfaces

Want to make the most of your classroom? Well then, why not ditch traditional whiteboards and update your classroom walls instead? There are plenty of products to choose from and also range of functionalities to choose from. Magnetic, whiteboard and projection. It all depends on what best fits your needs. Think you might be interested […]


Update Your Classroom With Magnetic Writable Walls

How do schools or colleges benefit from having magnetic writable walls installed? Can they really make a difference to how people work and learn? The answer is yes. Magnetic Writable Walls can benefit any teacher or student. Want to know more? Or maybe you need some inspiration for how you will use your own magnetic writable […]

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Update Your Classroom With Magnetic Walls

So, as the summer fast approaches, have you thought about refurbishing your classrooms? There are plenty of things to consider. Do you bring in new desks? Or why not try adding magnetic walls? Magnetic walls are a great way to get students actively involved in lessons, up off their feet and awake. You don’t need […]

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