Case Study: Accessibility

Overview of Outcomes Partnership approach to determine how we could overcome specific challenges Support teaching for better accessibility for teachers and students Easier to deliver lessons through more visual means Introduction We partnered with the Irish Deaf Society to create a more interactive and accessible environment. We wanted to create learning spaces accessible to both […]


Smarter Surfaces in Education: Product Uses

Trying to make the most of your limited classroom space can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle. How do you optimize your room to create an exciting environment for students?   Well, worry not because we are sharing with you how our magnetic, projector and whiteboard products can optimize any and all learning environments. Keep reading […]

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Case Study: Whiteboard Paint in Education

Overview of Outcomes Better delivery of inclusive education techniques More dynamic lessons that are less static and keep students engaged Were so happy with the first installation they decided to install more from the Smarter Surfaces range Our products are now installed throughout the entire school Introduction Ratoath Junior National School is a Primary National […]

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