Brainstorming with Smarter Surfaces Products: Part 2

In our previous post, we described on example of how we brainstorm at Smarter Surfaces.  We love the products we make and can say they have truly transformed the way we work. Lots of people love to brainstorm and do so every day, so we thought we would share another way you can enhance your brainstorming exercises.

Brainstorming: How We Do It

This was a Summer brainstorm that involved the whole company. We split the company into small teams and assigned each team some questions that we wanted everyone to brainstorm the answers to.

We used Smart Whiteboard Sheets, whiteboard sheets that come on a perforated roll. Use them just like a whiteboard. Write on with quality whiteboard markers, and rub off with a cloth or whiteboard spray. There is no need to drill holes into walls our use thumbtacks. Whiteboard sheets will stick to the wall naturally with static. They can be used multiple times too !

With a roll of whiteboard sheets under their arm, each team dispersed to different parts of the office, including outside in the garden ! They could brainstorm on the set topics, to the allotted time.

What Happened Next? 

When the time was up, everyone regrouped. A representative from each team had written their ideas on sheets. They moved the sheets from the original brainstorming location, and re-attached them to a central wall, alongside all the other team’s sheets.

Each team then explained their ideas to the whole company.

Finally, the winning ideas were summarised on yet another sheet, which was displayed centrally in the office for everyone to see.

This was a fun exercise but was also highly productive. This summarises perfectly the way our products help people to come together and collaborate, to brainstorm and think and design, and for ideas to get on the wall.

Are you using your walls or do you want to improve brainstorming sessions ? Then check out our product range to see how you can brainstorm and work better.

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