Use Functional Walls To Manage Your Projects Better

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When working on projects in an office environment, not only is it important that everybody communicates and contributes ideas, but that all deadlines must be met.

Technology has allowed for more rapid communication and scheduling, but it can’t be used exclusively.

This is why functional walls are a great addition to your toolkit

There is so much you can do with a surface that you can write on. Get everybody standing up and encourage them to contribute ideas. Use your own office space to communicate or monitor deadlines more closely to ensure all tasks will be complete on-time.

All of this can be achieved by applying our paints or wallcoverings to your walls, turning them into boundless writing spaces.

Continue reading to see how this functionality can be used to improve office workflow.

Inspiring Collaborative Idea Generation

Brainstorming is a team effort. One mind cannot dominate the entire process, which is why encouraging participation from everybody is important.

Making walls writable not only makes people more eager to put forward ideas, but also to be more productive and enthusiastic.

With the extra space, people can explore their own ideas using the dry erase surface and see them develop as time goes on. Agendas can also be written up and struck out as important actions and timelines are noted.

Our own whiteboard walls are used daily to improve meeting productivity. In the past, we organised a half day review meeting with our partners. Everybody stood up at the wall and ideas for a 12 week action plan were drawn up.

The large space made it easier to see gaps in people’s ideas and to make suggestions for fixing them which resulted in  a clear action plan and an active discussion that benefitted everybody in the end.

What better reason to toss away your flipchart than the benefits of unlimited writing space?

Getting everybody to join in a discussion is what helps projects develop and move forward. This is made easier with dry erase and magnetic functionality.

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Expansive Modes Of Communication

There are multiple reasons why everybody should be on the same page.

Smart Wall Paint and Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering provide multiple ways for people to communicate. This improves the general office workflow and ensures that all projects are done well.

For inspiration, look at how Showtime Analytics, a company that provides statistics in the cinema industry, used Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering on their second floor.

By taking advantage of dry erase functionality, they were able to give their wall different functions.

It could act as a tool for explaining complex problems as well as keeping people informed of important updates like WiFi passwords.

With functional walls, the people of Showtime Analytics could be more expansive with the way they communicate.

You can do this at your own workplace as well to add more flexibility to the way you speak with your colleagues.

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Walls Tailored Towards Project Management

Want to organise your projects while also using using creativity. Why not consider hanging a digital print onto your wall and then topcoating it with Smart Wall Paint Clear?

This is exactly what CDE did in order to map their projects from beginning to end and to monitor deadlines better. As you can see from the image below, they achieved all of this with a really cool design.

To make the digital print functional, they used Smart Magnetic Plaster as a base coat. The design was then hung up before being top coated with Smart Wall Paint Clear, turning the printout into a writable surface that everybody can use.

Try this out in your own office for improved project management.

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