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Pollution is one of the top concerns nowadays, especially in classrooms.

Thankfully, its impact can be reduced by using products that are certified as having low levels of dangerous chemicals

Our award winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint, has multiple certificates for being an environmentally friendly product as well as being fire resistant and safe for indoor use.

Read further to see how you can make your classroom safer with this product.

Low Chemical Emissions

Various indoor pollutants are dangerous, especially in classrooms that have kids with asthma or other allergies. 

With Smart Wall Paint, the risk is reduced.

This one coat whiteboard paint emits low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, which are solvents that turn to vapour at room temperature and are emitted from paint, adhesive and furniture.

Current VOC amounts for this product are 50 g/l which is far below the European limit of 500 g/l. Emissions at this level are too low to cause harm which is why Smart Wall Paint is VOC certified.

So you can be assured that the air quality will remain high and your classroom will be safe when you apply this product to your walls.

Environmentally Sustainable

If you are concerned about how our products may affect the environment, don’t worry.

Smart Wall Paint has been tested and certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). This is a rating system that provides a framework for creating efficient buildings that are friendly to the environment.

The limited amount of hazardous chemicals involved in the manufacture of the products, as well as its low VOC level has earned Smart Wall Paint certification. So, by installing Smart Wall Paint you add to your school’s LEED score. This shows that your school operates in an environmentally friendly way.

Along with the advantage of having low VOC emissions, Smart Wall Paint’s LEED certification shows that you are using a product that causes less pollution during manufacture, limiting its impact on earth.


Reduced Fire Damage

Having an evacuation plan is important and one of the factors taken into account for this is how an object reacts to a fire. It is much easier to escort the kids to safety when using less reactive products.

This is why Smart Wall Paint is ideal.  

The product has been tested and was found to be made of low levels of hazardous materials, thus gaining it  the Euroclass B-S1-D0 standard.

As a result,  Smart Wall Paint’s contribution to a fire is very limited, making it easier for you to plan and implement evacuations calmly.

Looking at these certifications, it is clear that Smart Wall Paint pollutes less and makes classrooms safer.

It emits low levels of VOCs, contributes little to fires and you can use it for a long time which reduces environmental damage through pollution.


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