Keep Kids Engaged With Functional Surfaces

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With classroom numbers reaching as high as thirty, how can teachers keep everyone engaged? What a task it must be to make sure everyone is getting the most out of each lesson and learning at a similar pace.

We have something that could help. Try adding whiteboard surfaces to your classroom.

Keep reading below to see how they might benefit you.

Make Learning Fun With Functional Surfaces

What could possibly make kids feel more engaged in their lessons than if they are having fun?

It’s easy with a whiteboard surface. Try whiteboard paint or wallcovering.

Kids are used to seeing regular whiteboards and flip charts, now they can work on entire whiteboard walls. There are so many ways to use them.

Why not get groups of students to draw up a human skeleton, making note of the names of bones as they do? Or keep track of a massive class calendar so that your students can update any important events coming up.

Teaching doesn’t have to be as straightforward as speaking out to the class while they write pages of notes in their work book.

Make lessons more inventive. Make lessons fun.

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Get Kids Up On Their Feet

Why should everyone sit at their desks when they can be up on their feet?

Children have a limited attention span so it can be hard for them to concentrate for long periods of time when sitting alone at a desk. Or worse, they can become easily distracted by anything else that could be going on it their surrounding area.

The solution is simple. Get everyone up at writable walls and actively involved in the lesson.

Everyone will be contributing together so they won’t have time to lose concentration. You can monitor their work as your students work together on projects, maths problems and anything you can imagine.

Working together away from their desks will also help with their communication skills, teamwork and actually help them learn better.
Not only will they be engaged but you may find your students will go more out their way to be involved with lessons.

Isn’t that what any educator wants?

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