Whiteboards Are Out Of Date

Whiteboards are Out of Date

We think whiteboards are ugly and outdated. You are thinking,  well you would say that, wouldn’t you, as we sell whiteboard paint and wallpaper instead.

That’s true, however it doesn’t stop us thinking that whiteboards are very dated and that more people should know about modern and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Here are just five reasons why we think whiteboards are just not suitable for any workspace today.

1. Ghosting – a big problem with whiteboards

Call it yellowing, shadowing or ghosting, we have all seen it. Whiteboards that might not have been taken great care of. Poor quality whiteboards. Poor quality whiteboards used with poor quality whiteboard markers or cleaners. However it happened, yellowing whiteboards in an office are just an eyesore.

It’s the number one complaint we hear time and time again that people dislike about whiteboards. Our dry erease wallcovering is a guaranteed non-ghosting product.

2. Whiteboards are Old-fashioned

The second reason people come to use for dry erase paint or wallpaper over traditional whiteboards, is that they want a modern solution.

From software developers to digital marketers to educators to multinationals across the globe, our cusotmers all have one thing in common. They choose to work in an open and collaborative way. If this is your way of working and communicating too, chances are you will choose modern options to write on.

3. Size matters – Create the biggest whiteboard possible

If you are using a whiteboard to capture ideas, thoughts and plans, does this mean they all stop when you run out of whiteboard ?

Even the largest whiteboard is too small.

Think Big –  that is our first company value. To think big, you need to capture all those ideas and designs, even if it takes the entire wall surface, or even the entire room.

Using a dry erase wallpaper or paint, you can create the largest whiteboard surface possible. Our functional wallcoverings and paints even go around corners ! Why limit your ideas or your working space ?

Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering3

4. Get everyone involved

When you use a whiteboard, it’s typical for one person to be appointed as scribe, which means they get to write all the good stuff on the wall whilst everyone else sits and snoozes. When your entire room or wall is transformed into a whiteboard, everyone can get on their feet and write on the wall. Get people working in groups, get them actively involved.

Which way do you think will get better results ?

5. Environmentally Friendly

Apart from holes drilled in your walls, what happens to all the out of date whiteboards around the world ? Most of them end up in landfills. Do your part for the environment and choose our environmentally friendly whiteboard paint.

We haven’t even used product cost or installation cost as more reasons not to choose whiteboards, but maybe that’s another blog post…..!

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