Projection Surfaces In The Classroom

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Projection Surfaces are becoming more and more popular in classrooms. A recent survey by Faculty Focus revealed that 73.67% of those who answered the survey stated that they incorporated technology when teaching.

With the increase in projectors, it’s more important than ever to have a great projection surface. Classrooms are moving away from the hassle of projector screens and are looking for something a bit more innovative.

But first, what products are available?

Smarter Surfaces offer two projection options: Smart Projector Paint, and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase.  

Now, how can you use them?

Show Don’t Tell

With projection surfaces, teachers don’t need to spend their time explaining things to their class. Instead they can simply show it on the wall. The students will get a visual answer that will be much easier to understand.


With projection surfaces, teachers can also bring more variety into their lesson plans. They can create slideshows, utilise images that their students can interact with or even bring in films.  

How better to keep your students engaged?

You don’t just have to project onto your screen either. With Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase you can project and write onto your surface. This means you can make notes onto the screen as the class progresses and save a whole lot of paper.


Stay more organised than ever with a smart projection surface. Teachers can project their notes onto the wall and save themselves hours of writing them out.

There’s no need to be constantly erasing them either. Just click onto the next slide or project another image.

Classes will move quicker and be easier understood by the students.


Tackle problems as a class rather than as individuals. There is less isolation for the student or fear of being caught with the wrong answer. Instead encourage collaboration in all aspects of teaching.  

Build group games into your lessons using Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase. You can project quizzes onto the wall and then have students take turns to write out their answers on it. Showcase world maps, the options are endless.

These ideas can help break up lessons and keep kids focused.

Teachers, why not save paper and your time by installing new projection surfaces into your classroom today.