Max Productivity with Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

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Using the Bigger Picture for your Big Ideas

In business, it pays for you to see the bigger picture, and for that you need SPACE. Nostra, a leading IT company in Ireland and the USA,  updated all the walls in their sales office to magnetic whiteboard surfaces. These converted all the walls into large working areas to write on and stick on.

Say Goodbye to Whiteboards, Say Hello to Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

Kevin O’Loughlin, CEO of Nostra, describes the business as having “three functions: an Operations Office, a Service Department and a Sales team (of ten people). We effectively use data to service usage, work during down time and examine solutions. We have a Matrix of three [questions which we ask about our customers]: what are they?, what is it that they need?, and how do we educate the customer?”

Wendy Behan, Nostra’s Head of International Sales, explains how Smarter Surfaces’ magnetic whiteboard walls have changed radically the way they work.

“We used to have three large whiteboards, which we’d have to move around the office and which gave us very limited space. Now, we have a lot of space. If [for example] we need to change the format of a meeting during the day, we can do that. We can leave certain things on certain walls, and using the magnetic function of the Smart Magnetic Plaster stick on the blank part of a wall as many as three charts, etc… with one magnet. We can update our figures throughout the day to our service team, our sales team or our management team. We don’t have any more pins on walls or sticky-taping up of  posters, etc…It’s absolutely brilliant”

Wendy stresses another essential functionality of Smarter Surfaces, their accessibility: “anyone can go up to the walls at any time and see what’s going on in the business.”

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A Great Addition to Any Sales Team

Brian McCarthy, Inside Sales and Support Executive at Nostra, says Smarter Surfaces magnetic whiteboard walls “would be a great addition to any sales team,” adding “they allow us to be so creative and …so interactive, especially for team meetings.”

Catherine McGovern, the firm’s Sales Development Manager, says Smarter Surfaces magnetic whiteboard walls are “just really functional. We use them a lot for Planning and Organisation, for [for example] strategically profiling our customers. We’d have a lot of meetings in the mornings, so we’d have lots of charts, lots of information that needs to be put up, so it’s really, really handy for us.”

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And It’s Fun!

Catherine adds something also which might not immediately strike a customer who has not used Smarter Surfaces before. “It’s Fun. We can use it a lot for motivational things like Thought for the Day, or [new] ideas. And it’s clean, there’s no waste,” something that is underscored by the fact that all Smarter Surfaces’ products come with either a five or a ten year guarantee, depending on the product.

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Watch video here.

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