Smart Projector Paint : Does it Work?

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Continuing our “Does It Work ?” series, let’s focus on one of our simple but very popular products, Smart Projector Paint.

With Projector Paint, you can forget the cost and installation hassle with projector screens. Simply paint on your own projector screen area anywhere you like, in any size or shape you choose.

(We designed this product for our corporate market but keep hearing positive feedback from gamers and movie buffs at home too).

So let’s address the most common question we are asked about Smart Projector Paint :

How is it different to regular emulsion white paint ?

There are two main differences :  light reflection and texture.

The first – and most important difference – is to do with “LRV “which stands for Light Reflective Value.  Ordinary emulsion paint absorbs light and partially reflects some light. Smart Projector Paint has been designed to give a specific LRV (which gives a gain value of 1.0) which is suitable for quality projection. It will reflect a certain amount of light to optimise and maximise the clarity of the reflected image.

The second difference between ordinary emulsion paint and our projector screen paint is to do with texture. Ordinary paint is a textured coating.  On a micro level, ordinary emulsions tend to be jagged surfaces which not visible to the human eye. Smart Projector Paint has been specially developed with self-levelling compounds and high quality resins to give a smooth flat finish.

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Other questions we get asked about Smart Projector Paint include:

Q : How does Smart Wall Paint differ to Smart Projector Paint ?

Smart Wall Paint is dry-erase. Smart Projector Paint is not dry-erase*.
Smart Wall Paint was primarily designed for dry erase functionality but can be used for basic projection. In this case, you may need to angle the projector to avoid hotspotting. Smart Projector Paint is specifically designed for high performance projection (without any need to change projector angles.)

*If you want a dry-erase and projector surface, you might want to check out one of our latest 2-in-1 wallcovering innovations, Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering  (Dry Erase & Low Sheen)

Q : How do I restore the wall to a different colour or non-projector surface ?

A : Easy – just paint over.

Here is what some customers of Smart Projector Paint have said:
“Product was good easy to install with a really nice finish.”
“Made the picture show a lot nicer on the wall. Easy to paint. Good product.”

Smart Projector Paint comes in kit sizes of 6.5m2 and 13m2 and is a two coat system. Touch dry after one hour you will be able to use your projection surface in just 24 hours. This paint can be applied by anyone.

Transform any smooth surface into a high-performance projector screen. It is indistinguishable when not in use so it looks just like a standard white wall paint, meaning it will not detract from the aesthetic of the room.

See Smart Projector Paint being used in our office in the pictures below.


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