Differences between Smart Wall Paint White and Clear

Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016

Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016

Smart Wall Paint is a dry-erase paint. It is the product upon which our company was founded. Back then, we were even called Smart Wall Paint! (As we developed more functional products, we had to change our name as our products coat more than walls, and include wallcoverings and plaster as well as our original paint).

It’s a great product. In 2014 it was awarded European Office Product of the Year in our category, the Facilities Management category. We were delighted to get this recognition.

The original product our founder came up with was dry erase paint in a white finish. This was because so many people like a traditional whiteboard finish, in white

We added clear later so that our customers could create a whiteboard surface in any colour.

So there are two colour choices with Smart Wall Paint. White gives a traditional whiteboard finish. This is very popular in more traditional or classic environments such as schools and meeting rooms.

Commercial interior designers love dry-erase paint in a clear finish. This means that you can have dry-erase functionality in any colour or design you choose. Simply paint a coat of Smart Wall Paint clear on top of your chosen wall design or colour. You retain the look but also get dry-erase functionality.

Check out music app company Soundwave who love their blue dry erase wall, courtesy of Smart Wall Paint Clear.


See how our customer SAP use their whiteboard walls.

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Watch our video featuring Smart Wall Paint in Clear for inspiration.

Both versions of Smart Wall Paint come up with a 10 year performance guarantee.

Have a look at some of our customer case studies involving whiteboard paint here and here.