Installing Smarter Surfaces Products

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You are considering updating your working, teaching, brainstorming, meeting space into the 21st century. Great!

Step 1 : Choose your functionality.

Choose from magnetic, dry-erase, or projector functionalities.

Or choose a combo.

–          You can layer on products on top of each other e.g. whiteboard paint on top of magnetic plaster.

–          Our latest products feature 2 in 1 functionalities e.g. Smart 2 in 1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase

Step 2 : Choose between wallcoverings or paint (or plaster for magnetic) for installing your preferred product.


Step 3. Install

Our wallcoverings, paints and plaster are applied just like regular wallcoverings, paints and plaster.

All of our products have step-by-step instructions so you can’t go wrong.


Wallcoverings Installation Tips

Hang our wallcoverings with regular ready-mixed wallpaper adhesive. Use a heavy duty adhesive when installing Smart Magnetic Wallcovering as it’s a heavier product.

Consider hanging our functional wallcoverings horizontally rather than vertically. This allows users writing or sticking on the wall,  to have minimal or no joints, at eye level.

Our wallcoverings even go around corners. Simply overlap the joints and cut when installing.

Read more here.

Anyone who can hang regular wallcoverings can hang our wallcoverings.

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Whiteboard Paint Installation Tips

If you can hold a paint brush and paint, you can apply Smart Wall Paint !  There are just a couple of caveats to be aware of.

–          It’s a two part paint system which means you mix both parts together and stir.  The proportions of this have been researched and tested for some time before we launched it, so its best not to mix and then split, as parts A and B may not be in proportion. We recommend ordering the amount closest to your needs, allowing for some left over.

–          Don’t stretch the paint over an area larger than its designed for. The painted on surface won’t be sufficiently thick or evenly spread and this might affect its ability to perform.

–          Don’t let water come into contact with Smart Wall Paint. It reacts adversely to water. We include a roller and roller tray in each kit so you don’t have to use tools that have been washed in water.

If you are mindful of those few things : mix well, don’t split, don’t stretch, avoid contact with water – everything will be perfect. (and we offer a ten year performance guarantee for your peace of mind).


Magnetic Paint Installation Tips

This is another of our easy to use products.  If you can paint, you can apply Smart Magnetic Paint. The key to achieving great painted magnetic surface lies in the preparation. Make sure your surface is smooth. Sand between coats to remove any texture that appears on the paint surface from the roller. Remove dust before installing next coat.

Use a smooth roller, ideally foam or mohair. You can use a brush but we recommend a roller for a smooth finish.  If the roller is not smooth, you might get a textured finish due to the thickness of Smart Magnetic Paint, which is a thick paint.

Do use a brush for cutting in the edges.

Take your time.



Magnetic Plaster Installation Tips

This is a professionals only install. Any experienced plasterer can apply Smart Magnetic Plaster. Our main tip is if you are applying this product to a very rough surface,  use some bond coat or heavy duty skim coat first to fill any major imperfections or holes in the surface.

Then use magnetic plaster to fill minor imperfections and holes. As our strongest magnetic surface at 68% magnetite content, installing 2 coats should be sufficient. However you might want to choose to apply a third coat for extra magnetic power.


So no excuse ! Our products are not just innovative but also easy to apply. Most of our end-users use their contracting team for professional installs. We are also really happy to share our application information and tips with all installers so just get in touch.

PS We are often asked why we don’t offer painting and wallcovering installation service. The reason is that is not our business. Our business is about researching and developing great functional products that we can take to market.  We focus our time with chemists and factories in R&D, testing and launching products with all of our environmental certification. There are already lots of professional and experienced contractors and installers out there.

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Now back to Step 1 : what functionality do you need to transform your space into the 21st century ? Browse now.

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