Which Is The Best Projector Paint?


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Most people use projectors in their workspace, classroom or home. Projections are a great visualization tool for meetings and lessons and can help you get your ideas across more clearly.

They can even be great fun at home by taking your gaming or movies onto a bigger screen.

But why settle for bulky projector screens and annoying set up when you could use projector paint to create a projection surface in any size you desire?

We’ve recently added two new projector paints to our projector range. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which is the best projector paint for your needs?

To help you make your decision, we’ve compared Smart Projector Paint Pro, Smart Projector Paint Contrast and Smart Projector Paint below.

Best Projector Paint For High Definition Projections

If you’re looking for a sharper image and higher definition projections, then look no further than Smart Projector Paint Pro.

Enjoy the best quality images with the highest performing product in our projector range.

This product has a gain value of 1.1 and reflects the most light out of all of our projector paints, giving you brighter projections with more intense colours, perfect for any meeting or lesson.

With Smart Projector Paint Pro, you can create a projection surface that outperforms most projector screens, without the hassle of setting up or hotspotting.

The best part? This product is compatible with all projectors so you can get the absolute most out of your projections.

Choose Smart Projector Paint Pro for extremely high definition projections that can be used with any projector.

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Best Projector Paint For Home Cinemas And Gaming

Do you want a projection surface that is perfect for gaming or home theaters? How about one that gives you stronger definition on darker images?

If so, then Smart Projector Paint Contrast is the product for you.

Smart Projector Paint Contrast was designed specifically to enhance the gaming and home theater experience.

This product comes in a dark grey finish and has a gain value of 0.1. This allows your projection surface to absorb a lot of light giving you higher definition on your darker images, and better overall quality of back image.

With Smart Projector Paint Contrast you can keep your whites bright and your blacks satisfyingly dark. There is no need to compromise one for the other.

This product is our only projector paint made up of a two tin system: a base coat and a top coat. Both of these coats are essential for creating the ultimate contrast surface.

Choose Smart Projector Paint Contrast for a high contrast projection surface that is perfect for gaming, home theaters and darker images.

Best Projector Paint For Everyday Projections

Want a projector paint to suit your everyday office or classroom needs? Then choose Smart Projector Paint.

This option is the lowest costing paint in our projector range making it a low cost, high performance projector screen alternative.

This paint has a gain value of 1.0 and can reflect up to twice as much light as ordinary emulsions, giving you a high quality projection surface.

Choose Smart Projector Paint for a cost effective projection surface for all of your everyday projection needs.

If you’re looking for extremely high resolution projections and stronger color definition, then choose Smart Projector Paint Pro.

All of our projector paints require 2 coats and are ready to use just 24 hours after application.

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