5 Reasons You Need A Magnetic Wall in Office

5 reasons you need a magnetic wall

Are you looking for a way to increase organization and productivity in your office? Try a magnetic wall. Place it at desks, a central point in your office or in the meeting room. There are so many ways to utilize one.

5 reasons why you need to add a magnetic wall to your space

1. Choose Your Magnetic Product

There are so many options to choose from. Go for the product that best fits your needs.

  • Choose three coats of Magnetic Paint if you only need to hold up pages on your magnetic wall. This product has 50% magnetite.
  • Choose six coats of Magnetic Paint if you want additional magnetic strength to hold up heavier items, such as a picture frame.
  • Choose Magnetic Plaster if you are looking a much stronger magnetic strength. This product has 67% magnetite.

We also offer Smart Magnetic Wallcovering, providing users with additional options for their magnetic surfaces.

But now you know the product you want to choose, what can you do with it?

2. Combat Clutter

Tired of the endless collection of papers that pile up on your desk? Do you need to search through your notes every time you need to find an important phone number or document?

With a magnetic wall, you won’t need to worry.

Simply install it next to your desk and stick up important documents onto your wall with magnets. You’ll be able to keep track of everything a lot easier and can save the time locating them for more important tasks. You’ll find it will help to increase your productivity.

3. See The Big Picture On Your Magnetic Walls

When working on group projects are you tired of never being able to see the big picture? When everyone is approaching an idea individually, it can make it difficult to incorporate all ideas together. Does everyone get the time to explore their own suggestion?

When using a magnetic wall, everyone can use it at the same time. Stick up product designs, logos or related documents are you’ll be able to see how everything works together.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to see what isn’t working identify it early in the process. It’s functional and a much better way to work.

Magnetic whiteboard board room office planning Barbara Emily

4. Project Planning

You won’t always be working in groups though. A magnetic wall can help you plan projects on your own too. Keep track of your own deadline and stick up colored papers to mark your progress. Even from a distance you’ll be able to see which parts you’ve completed and where you need to focus your time. Since this will be visible by anyone near your desk, you’ll be inspired to get your work from start to finish.

5. Why Not Double The Functionality?

You don’t just have to choose a magnetic wall though? Why not make it a whiteboard wall too?

You can add Smart Whiteboard Paint on top of your already prepared magnetic wall and double the functionality. This means not only will you be able to stick things up on the wall, but you can also write your notes onto it directly.

Create calendars, social media walls or even dedicate it to employee activities and announcements. That’s the best thing about installing a functional wall to your workplace. You can use it any way you want!

Magnetic Primer and whiteboard clear combined wall at Smarter Surfaces

Have you been considering magnetic panels? Perhaps magnetic surfaces would be better for you. Explore all our magnetic products.

Here are some case studies for you to better understand our products and how businesses are using Smarter Surfaces’ products.

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