3 Ways To Go Paperless In 2018

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Are you looking to make your office more environmentally friendly in 2018?

Why not go paperless?

Check out some of our ideas below, on how you can help reduce the amount of paper used in your office.

Go Paperless With Writable Walls

You want to reduce the amount of paper you use, but you also need something to keep track of your notes.

What do you do? Why not install functional surfaces into your office?

With products like Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, you can create writable surfaces in any shape or size you want.

You can use your writable surfaces for brainstorming, project management, a monthly calendar. There’s no limit to what you can do.

With Smart Wall Paint, meetings have never been more productive.

Get everyone up from the table and writing on walls.You can even try stand up meetings.

Everyone will get the chance to explore ideas on the wall, design, or plan projects without running out of space.

At the end, you’ll be able to see the big picture.

You save paper and it’s a much better way to work.

Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016

Discourage Paper Use

Looking to discourage people from using paper? We have some tips for going paperless.

  1. Track the number of pages being printed by each person. Everyone will be able to see exactly how much paper they are using.
  2. Make it less convenient to print. Reduce the number of printers in the office and place it in an inconvenient location. If employees have to make a journey to print, they’ll be less likely to do so unless it is necessary.
  3. Initiate a recycling policy in your office. If people are becoming more actively involved in becoming more environmentally friendly, they may begin to use paper less, as a result.

Be Realistic

It is important when trying to reduce the amount of paper you use to be realistic.

You may find that going completely paperless in your office may not be economical or practical.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to decrease the amount of paper you use.

Even small steps can help you reduce the paper used in your office.

Smarter Surfaces products are environmentally friendly too! Read all about them here.

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