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Q: Can Smart Wallcoverings be applied on any surface?
A: Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering is designed to be applied to smooth surfaces. It can be applied to curved walls. Ensure all debris and previous wallcoverings have been removed. Absorbent surfaces should be treated with a primer before application.

Q: What should I use to apply a Smart Wallcoverings?
A: Smart Wallcoverings can be applied using a ready mixed wallcovering adhesive. Simply apply the adhesive to the wall using a roller.

Q: What direction should I hang the wallcovering?
A: Smart Wallcoverings can be hung horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. We recommend hanging horizontally to minimise joints/seams on writing areas.

Q: How do I minimize joints/seams?
A: At the joint, overlap the wallcovering and double cut right through with a sharp blade.

Q: Is there a way to apply wallcovering on the top of wooden linoleum? 
A: Yes, usually you can apply one coat of primer to smooth the surface and then the wallcovering on top. If the surface is very rough, then we recommend using a filling compound to make the surface smooth and then applying the wallcovering. 

Q: How do I remove the wallcovering? 
A: Simply remove like any other commercial wallcovering.