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Zoom Magnetic Dry Erase Paint - Clear

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  • Smarter Surfaces clear magnetic paint with primer product bundle

Magnetic Dry Erase Paint - Clear

  • Magnetic Whiteboard Paint kits combine magnetic paint with our award-winning whiteboard paint to give you a surface that is both writable and magnetic, in a clear finish.

    Each kit contains magnetic paint and a whiteboard paint kit (clear finish).


    Save when buying these multi-functional kits

    Enjoy your chosen colour and design on walls,  as well as magnetic and dry-erase functionality

    Create a magnetic, whiteboard surface in any size and shape

    Ready for use at any time

    Eliminate hanging whiteboards and metal sheets

    Best for modern, design-led collaborative environments

    Suitable for offices, meeting room, classrooms and lecture halls, hotels and conference centres, leisure facilities and much more.

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  • Our magnetic and whiteboard kits come in 5 sizes. Choose from 21 sq. ft. / 2m², 65 sq. ft. / 6m², 129 sq. ft / 12m², 193 sq. ft / 18m² & 365 sq. ft / 34m² kits to create your desired magnetic and dry erase surface.

     21 sq. ft. / 2m² & 65 sq. ft / 6m² offer includes:

    Magnetic Paint, Smart Wall Paint kit (clear finish) and 2 x Smart Neo-Magnets.

    Note each Smart Wall Paint kit includes two-part whiteboard paint system, roller sleeve, roller handle, sanding block, stirring stick, latex gloves, eraser cloth and surface wall sticker.

    129 sq. ft / 12m², 193 sq. ft / 18m² & 365 sq. ft / 34m² offer includes: All of the above plus 10 x Smart Neo -Magnets.

    Application Steps

    1. Smart Magnetic Paint gives a magnetic surface (in dark grey due to 50% magnetite content).

    2. Topcoat with any paint colour, digital print or wallcovering of your choice (purchase separately).

    3. Finally, apply clear whiteboard paint for whiteboard functionality. 

    Free Delivery       10 Year Guarantee

  • How can I use this product? It's easy. Use your magnetic whiteboard surface in exactly the same way as you would use a whiteboard or magnetic surface. Write-on, wipe-off with any whiteboard marker and use Smart Neo-Magnets.

    Can I create a magnetic whiteboard on any surface? Magnetic Whiteboard Surfaces can be created on almost any smooth surfaces including plaster, wallboard, concrete, wood and plastic, as long as the surface has been sealed before application. Watch step-by-step video application guide. Read or download step-by-step application guide.

    Can I paint Smart Wall Paint Clear on top of digital prints or wallcoverings ? Yes. We recommend avoiding very thick or deep layers as this may affect magnetic strength.

    Can I paint Smart Wall Paint Clear on top of normal paint ? Yes. Paint directly on top of any gloss paint.  If applying on top of a matt paint, seal the surface first with Smart Sealer.

    Can I paint it on top of any colour paint ? Yes, except for white. 

    What accessories can I use with my magnetic whiteboard surface ? Use the strongest possible magnets (neodymium or rare earth). Use any quality accessories.

    For more information, see our full FAQs section.

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  • Need Accessories ?

    Browse our range of quality whiteboard markers, cleaners and cloths and strong neodymium magnets in accessories.

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